Bow Down Ya Bish!!

Im a lil bit late, as usual , but I just had to write something about the magnificent being that is Beyonce. After further review of the song "Bow Down" I have to say my interest for it has grown. I totally get what she means by this song. It is first to me just her probably having fun in the studio, but it is also an homage to not only her career but to houston where she is from. It also exudes the reality that Bey is truly in control of her career and can sing and say what she wants. She finally has broke from the chains of giving a fuck and is expressing her feelings that she has a right to feel. She is single handley the best black solo female performer out at the moment, and if you would like to debate that, Im not only talking vocal potential or capabilty to sing, Im talking about the entire package, and that is Beyonce. No one right now in that category has single handley impacted the world in the way she has. No one is selling out World Tours in the capacity she is no as fast. She has a right to have fun and really being a lil cocky, at least for fun. I don't like to hear people say this is something Rihanna would do or she shouldn't talk like this. Beyonce can do whatever the fuck she wants for the fact that she has earned the stability to speak these bold lyrics. I don't like the song as a single but it is a dope intro for her album of even an interlude. She has revamped her alter ego by adding a new, Mrs. Carter and I'm in love with this hood ass bitch.



Sheesh its been months since I've contributed to my blog, Ive been a total neglective mother of something that used to be my baby once upon a time. To be honest, Ive been rather absent on all the social networks. The only thing I keep up with now is Instagram ( @_kamthebeautiful) because its so damn fun! I tweet every now and then and I reblog on Tumblr when I'm really bored. Facebook can keep its life cuz I'm over that too. I know I say oh I'm going to blog and then I fall short, but even If I have no more readers Im going to go back to what I originally started this blog for, to be an outlet when I'm bored, stressed and just want to write about what interests me. Im going to try to get it together, If you read this and will like to hear what I have to say, leave a hello in the comments just so I can know Im still loved a lil' bit lol, Much love to you all. Oh and this blog needs to be UPDATED so bad  every picture on this blog is #TBT waiting to happen lol.


SMH Moment: Brian McKnight

BRIAN!!! BRIAN!!... WHO THE FUCK SAID!!! What is going on Sir??? Why in the Hell are you A) Making  a mixtape... Brian Mcknight and Mixtape are not friends. The people that stan for you don't know how to download no mixtape off  the internet. B) Why are you signing about pussy??... it just isn't sitting well with me like you can't say the word pussy Brian,, not you maybe Trey Songz but not you!! Because at your age you aren't fucking pussy anymore you are getting vagina! women don't have Pussy's anymore after the age of 35 its a Vagina now! and C) Why are you soul singing about pussy... If anything that made this song even more worse than what it already is just by topic sake,, you are going to sing the song like its "Back At One." BOY BYE!! This has to be the most Hilarious thing since Mary's "Crispy Chicken" video. Brian,, here is some advice just keep making appearances on the Michael Baisden Show,, be the leader of the Midknight show band and keep it pushing cause I'm not here for you and sex and telling me IDK what to do with the pussy I been traveling around with all my life. 


Ive been a Horrible Blogger!!

What the hell is wrong with me!?? Ive just neglected this blog like Ciara neglected her career...but I miss it I really do and Im going to try and come back doing what I love. Life has gotten in the way of my writing and ironically it should have been what helps me write,, considereing I blog about my life. I'll be really surprised if anyone even reads my blog any more lol...well I hope so and for that lonely soul out there Ima give you some more treacherous delivery that Ive made known on here. See you all soon :)


Im In That Thang!!

Who is going to Watch The Throne???

I AM BITCHES!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! I'm so excited I'm already plotting my outfit and deciding if im going to come into work that day! I almost wasn't going to go the tickets were ridiculously priced and  before I got to really even look for the tickets they were sold out. But, Jay an Ye must have felt like "aint no party if Kam isn't there" lol and added a last minute extra show to Los Angeles visit. I was late on that as well when a friend told me about it while we were in the club. So Im sitting in the club credit card ready on my cell phone trying to buy tickets and to my luck they shut the buying process down. Why when i got home at 3am I stalked them tickets till a good 6am till they opened it back up and got my hands on the ticket which was almost sold out any way. God was gracious.

My friend was gona go with me until she told me she couldn't afford them, so unfortunately Ill be going solo dolo :( ; but Im sorry this is an opprotunity I can't pass up Im a HUGE Jay-Z fan and I never been to a Kanye concert. Ive been to my first Drake concert alone and it worked to my advantage so maybe this will be a good thing. I have fun wherever I go so Ima have a Ball. So on Tuesday, December 13, 2011, Im gona watch and hear to the throne and Im so excited YAAYYYY. Last year me and my best friend went to see the Blueprint 3 Tour and we had so much fun with these guys that sat next to us they were dancing with me and everything. i hope I sit next to cool people. If you are going as well and you see me say hello so we can party together :).


Pay that Nigga alimony so you know its real!!

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries-Kardashian is getting a divorce and you know what.... the world turns as well. This hoe here and you know what I don't like calling Kim a hoe but the proof is in the jello pudding pops!! Im so over this girl and her groupie ass. I wanted to say that this girl was living,, breathing normal woman thats a  sucker for love but now Im just like she is a the best opportunist I have ever seen in my life and she does the shit so fucking well you almost can't be mad at her. Im starting to think she put out her own damn  sex tape to catapult her own ass into stardom because it was executed so well. See this is why she gets this up and coming you dont really know him black men on her she can drop them respectively with a profit. She couldnt pull this shit with no P. Diddy trust and believe. See all that bitch thought of was dolla signs and the dream of having a fairytale wedding and some damn scenes for her scripted show she was running out of ideas I'm sure.

Now let me play devils advocste and really disect the heartbreak. Bitches like Kim get on my nerves and im gonna explain what I mean by bitches like her. Im talking about the women that are forever in relationships,, serial monogamist who think they shittin on the next  bitch because they are never single. However,, your vagina is still occupied by numerous dick throughout the year because you cant keep one. She may be have profited off this wedding/5 min marriage but what does that say about your character and your dry ass vagina and personality??

Kim needs to get it together because she needs to figure why she old as she is,, as beautiful as she is *with makeup on*,, she cant make an honorable image out of herself and be able to keep a man. Cuz I feel she is as shallow as a bird bath and as dry as Khia's dreads.

Halloween 2011

This was me on Halloween,, crazy enough I was the same thing I was last year but last year I didn't really do much so I re-birthed the costume...Hey I gets my money's worth!! I was a sailor but my kids at work thought I was a pirate so hey...I went to the annual West Hollywood Halloween Parade for the first time and boy did I have fun. It was definitely a night to remember,, thats all I'm gona say for now lol...(.more photos to come)

                                  (full body of the costume take last year but I loveeee this pik!!)


Everyday Im Tumblrin!!

Hey you guys Ive been kinda absent lol,, yes I know but Im trying ton get back in the hang of blogging. I however, have been on Tumblr heavy,, I love my tumblr because I can express myself visually and Im such a visual person so I love it. Check out my Tumblr if you like....


Run The World

I saw this and was like damn the dancing in this is better than Bey's and I stan for the Queen. I loved it,, and crazy enough this video was posted before the original on BeyonceVevo on Youtube.I wish I could dance like this I would be all money in lol.


No County for Broken Hearts

So its been a minute since I posted and I thought I would like to share a little of whats been going on with me. So much has happened its not even funny in all aspects from relationships, money, and just basic life. It scares me almost on how problematic and hopeless my love life is that I almost assume it wont get better. Im so over it at this point it overwhelms me,, if that even makes sense. A couple months ago I was played like Ive never been played in my life,, i still have nightmares about it. Im slowly recovering,, but Im sorry to admit that it has pushed me away from the feeling I will ever be in love with anyone. Its like my heart was made to be broken. Im finding myself gettin used to the pain to where when things go wrong I dont even cry because it bound to happen.

I cant hardly think straight when it comes to how I feel about giving my heart to a man. i would love to but it feels its not worth it in all for him to just break it. men dont give a damn about feelings and Ive come to believe they are all the same. Yes I said it all men are the same,, they are all filled with bullshit and some just grow out of it faster than others. Im giving up Im throwing in the towel and i really dont care anymore what anyone has to say. yes Im bitter, mostly Im hurt and I dont even want to deal with it,, Im not strong enough at this point to care about love anymore.People associate being in Love as weak,, however,, Love is the strongest emotion to exude because it takes the most out of you. People are lazy so they dont want to put in the effort to love another,, they are only capable of thinking of self.

Two of the most realest songs out right now is Jhene' Aiko's "Stranger" and Beyonce's "Best Thing I Never Had." If you haven't heard them please do, they speak volumes to me right now in the worst way. Because Im such a nice,, loving person,, it makes it hard for me to not put effort into a man I'm feeling I'm not one for games but I guess in the dating world they have to be played so I follow suit but I just want thing to be organic. i want to meet someone who isn't planing to do me in. Someone to actually care about me and my feelings,, but I'm slowly starting to believe I can run for President and win before I could find love and that makes me sad.Ive been trying to dissect myself and wonder why I'm never the one to win in Love and War and I haven't figured it out yet,, I question who I am because I have failed so much  I don't know what to do anymore,, I'm tired of waiting I'm tired of being patient I don't even want to look anymore or even be sought after I'm over it...bye bye to the thought of Love for now.