Drake Signed!

Okay So IDK if Im late or early on this one, but I know alot of people are like "Is Drake signed to Young Money because he is always with them?" This being said Drake always says no he isn't signed with Young Money but shoppin around. So I was reading a Honey Magazine [Feb. 2009] interview with my future hubby [he he ^_^] and he said that he is looking towards Interscope::

Honey Mag::So are you even looking to be signed?
Drake:: I’m actually just finishing up negations on a deal I’m very, very happy with. There’s always the downside of talking about because anything can happen. I’ve had a chance to sit down with Jimmy Ivine from Interscope and work out a great situation. [ed note: The Interscope contract is a done deal!]

Honey Mag::Ahhh, huge! Congratulations.
Drake:: Thank you. Thank you very much.

So with that being said Im super happy && excited for him because it seems like it was taking forever, but Im glad he waited cuz he only desrves the best which will also be in our benefit too!

[b.t.w= Off with the heads of all the ppl who say he is garbage! You have no idea how much I defend this guy just because they say they don't like Lil Wayne && he sounds just like him..PUH LEEZ! IDK wat ears you have but you need to buy new ones!]