Ribbed For Your Pleasure

Not only is Obama runnin the country he can make u cum too?? I saw this any literally my mouth dropped while shaking my head!! Is this fuckin necessary? Do we need to exploit Obama that bad? Niggas are too much...Jus too damn much! Idk about u, but it wud creep me out to have an Obama head in my pussy... Even though Obama is a sexy beast it jus doesnt sit well wit me. Plus this shit looks like it hurts! I wonder how he feels about this... & another thing, why the dick gotta be white? It shuda at least been caramel lolz...

Roaches That Write!

First order of business I know Im waaaaaayyy over due for postin on the I AM MUSIC TOUR dont blame me, the person who has all the piks in her camera is takin two years to send them to me [who knows when that will be, Lil Wayne gona be retired by the time I write bout that shit!]

Anywho, As I sed a few post below that I have inspired ppl to start a blog themselves. So im debuting two skeezahs that are dear to my heart. My lil tigg ol bitty beezie Kay.Jay.Nay & My big booty judy Lisa Marie have blogs so please check them them out Kandyzland & Lust4Leese. They are from the minds of ur classiest, flyest Roaches/Rats you will ever see lmao. They are funny, extreme & real & if you love my shit you'll love theirs as well!