Zac Posen For Target

Target to me always had cute pieces here and there,, but it was like you always had to search. Ever since top designers came on board like Issac Mizrahi and Jean Paul Gaultier have taken the reigns in Target fashions the women's department has definitely been revamped. The new Zac Posen line is now available at Target as of April 25, and Im really going to stock up!! I love Zac Posen,, now when they have Chanel Im really going to go broke!!

Two piece ruffled dress- $79

Blue Chambray Dress- $39

Pink Sailor Dress- $39

MulticolorTiger Tank- $16

Tie-Die Print Low V One Piece Swimsuit- $39

Black Ruched Skirt- $34

Floral Print Brocade Tie Dress- $74


The Generation of the Baby Boomers!!

||Disclaimer= this is by far no shade to men or women that have children,, i have alot of close friends that have had children or thought about having children but resorted in abortion. By all means do you,, but this is for the people who are reckless in having children,, not making wise decisions and having them for all the wrong reasons. Men who hate their baby mamas because they don't even know them or because they were a jumpoff and now your stuck! This bud's for you...

Why is it so hard to find a man that does not have any kids who is over the age of 18?? I say 18 because I meet men who are 25 with old ass kids. WTH is wrong with people puttin a condom on it? Don't yall know kids at a young age is not the business? Now Im fully aware of the saying `shit happens` and I know a lot of young parents didn't plan their children,, but I also know a lot of young people who take precautions,, whether birth control or condoms or no sex at all. When I see a lot of men having babies [I say men because I'm not on a hunt for a woman,,but their just as responsible],, it alerts me there is a lot of unprotected sex going around,,which means there is also a high risk chance of STD's because a baby isn't the only thing you can catch,, that's just what God chose to give u. Im thinking how did our generation get smacked with so many young parents. It almost floors me at how many men I have met in my lifetime that have either had kids or got somebody pregnant. Now Im not perfect,, I have had unprotected sex and God has spared me of never giving me a baby or STD's so Im aware of things just coming unexpectedly,, now those are individual problems,, but on a general inference sex isn't brand new and neither is having babies,, so how come everybody seems to have them now? Im damn sho that 50 or even 30 years ago kids our age were not having babies at alarming rates as people today,, especially the black community.
There is a part of me that appreciates a strong man out there doing what he has to do and taking care of his kids,, but I never knew that I would be asking every man I meet under the age of 30 or 25 even how many kids they have and how many they have on the way and if they do have kids,, how many baby mamas they have and receiving answers other than none,, accompanied with the normal get- to- know you questions such as what do you do for a living. It seems almost as if men are having their biological clocks ticking at 15 and it becomes a requirement as a coming of age tactic men go through to have children before or while they are in their 20's; or should I really say before they become the men they need to be.
Its become the norm to say, I have a baby mama and I absolutely hate that phrase. I hate hearing it, I honestly would be more happy to hear my ex-wife because to be honest with you,, I look at  if I'm good enough to have your baby,, Im good enough to be your wife and if we don't see each other in that way we don't need to be having children. Shit call me old fashioned but that's what I believe. I just can't ever be proud of just being someone's baby mama and it makes me sad when I see women who are ok with that title. Are you serious?? It's time we start as a generation evaluating the importance of sex and how we use it and be more safe. Yes babies are blessings,, but their not joyful when you can't take care of them the proper way and you are not ready. People are staring to sport their kids like rims on a truck,, these are human beings not ornaments!! Having random babies by random women is not something to be proud of because you are not setting a sound example for them.
So,, Im wondering is it even possible to find a man without a baby in 2010?? Please let me know the odds because I still have the endangered dream of having children when Im married.

The Backup Plan

I know in the past I have had my posts about my fucked up relationships [womp!] and then for some reason,, Im happy again with a new dude and then all of a sudden Im off niggas yada yadda yaddda!! Yea I know Im a lost cause,, but unfortunately my heart is always in a tug-of-war because I can never make up my damn mind!! Its time I be real with you and also myself in realizing that I am `The Backup Plan Girl`,,

[Backup Plan Girl = a woman who always has a guy, who is a plan B for that guy in case this nigga fucks up or vice versa. She is never 100% single even when she is single and cries about how alone she is. Her eyes and options are always open,, thus always having a `Backup Plan` for a relationship she is in]

And in realizing this,, I am setting myself up for failure.I have always been this type of girl and at first,, [and for the fact I date in Los Angeles] seems like a great idea because the young men here are very mickey and are totally clueless of what they want,, why should I wait for them? =^/ This form of thinking has resulted in me being just as trifling as them at times because I have cheated,, rather emotionally or physically,, i have not always been a good girl because I always had that one guy waiting in the wings. Surprisingly enough this has sparked guys to hunt after me harder looking at me as a challenge,, saying that they can take me away from so-and-so. At the same time it has harmed me,, men have told me they can't get serious with me because I'm a heart breaker [go fucking figure]. 

I always thought that if I put my all into every relationship I had the fact I had a backup guy,, wouldn't be neccessary because this guy would do right by me. HA!! I realized this wasn't working because these guys would have a backup plan for my ass because either they were just that dog ass nigga or because they felt the same way I did,,she gona hurt me anyway. The reason I have always been this way is because in the past I have never had the guy I should have had,, the guy to treat me right,, so I looked at the guy on the side as a crutch or a bandaide for when this other guy broke my heart. It's been a losing process because I then have to get a backup for my backup because he later breaks my heart.

Moral of the story is if you have a backup 9 times out of 10 your going to have to use it and your just defeating yourself. Instead of finding that whole person you look for halves,, resulting in trying to making a whole person by putting two different [or in other cases more] people in your life to make the ultimate person you want. If you're a `Backup Guy or Girl` its time to take a break instead of having meaningless relationships start trying to make whole ones with one person instead of searching for a replacement. Think about it,, jobs search for a replacement after they fire you,, if they had a backup plan for every employee they might as well hire yall both! 

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SMH Moment: Cheetah Girl Gone Wild Edition

Watch This Fuckery Please...

Okay now Wat The Eff was that shit?? Is she serious?? WWDT (what would Disney think)? I dont think this is the way a Cheetah Girl is supposed to behave, (idk wat a cheetah girl is supposed to be tho? hmmm) Anywho, this video is ridiculous, this song is an epic fail, wat the hell is she wearing? Im just appauled. These lyrics are some ghetto whorony hoe qoutes at its best:
 "I was faced down ass up/clothes off broke off"
"I don't know his name/but he can get it again if he wana"
"He musta pulled a track out/when he blew my back out" 
She musta been drunk to fuck that ugly som-bitch wtf was that predator with Michael Jackson bleach on his face? And why did I see his ass?? I dont like the message she is promoting even for a grown bitch = Drunk sex with a stranger with out a condom. First off thats dangerous and second why are u doing a walk of shame he couldn't get you a cab...thats a no no lmao. Like @amberalert123 said on twitter "all that was missing was her goin to a drug store to get some plan b pills". WTF Kiely?? From 3 Lil Women to 3 Lil Whores,, they all done lost they damn minds =sex scenes in movies, naked photos on the internet, & unprotected drunken sex. Oh and Im sorry, drunk sex is never spectacular, trust me lolz.


So readers I have been drastically neglecting my blog and Im so sorry. Its really cuz I haven't really had a writing tendency mixed with laziness and lack of bloggin resources (hate bloggin on my phone)...
But, Im backwell at least for now.
So let me recap what has been new with me:

I lost my mind!! A little over a week ago i had the blessing to go to the best concert of my life JAY-Z BLUEPRINT 3 TOUR...OMG that was the shiiiiiittttttt to the maximum I was so excited. Jay delievers like I expected him to but I had the feeling times 10 the way I felt when I first saw Fade to Black. He did almost his whole collection, surprised me with Young Jeezy and tore it down. Also, dont let me forget Trey Songz was there to open the show. I wanted him to sing "Ur Behind" so bad but he didnt. I was also very drunk through out the show i was onnnnnn & these 2 guys me and my best friend was sittin next to were too funny they kept dancing with me. I lost my voice that night and my feet were hurting and I was wearing flat boots. I was soooo happy, I was however expecting Beyonce but I guess I have to see her on her own tour.

I lost my job!! So Im broke as a joke my money is crazy funny I nickname it Chris Rock!! Im desperately on the hunt for a new job. I had a huge interview with The Art Institute of California-Hollywood and unfortunately I didn't get that position. I would have really jump started my career, but Im guessing God has soemthing better for me....

I lost weight!! Well almost... Ive been doing a great job to really get intuned with myself and relationship with food and not really diet but have a lifestyle change. I work out more or try to and I want to change my life and make myself feel way better not just look better. Im definitely a work in progress...

I lost a chance at love!! Womp Womp!! (get more in depth in another post) It actually happened officially today so if you have been reading my tweets you can see I have been hurt. Im just emotionally drained when it comes to relationships and men IDK wat to do. Im sad and frustrated and some what bitter. Im not giving up on men because I will forever love them and I know they will forever be apart of my life but Im very guarded now and it saddens me I have to be that way to the next guy, but it is wat it is....

Im not going to promise that Im going to post as much as a used to, But, I can say I will try. I do love you guys who have been staying faithful I appreciate it. Also, you may find glitches on my blog I think it has been hacked cuz I keep gettin a grip of spam, but Ima work that out. Love you guys stay peaceful and happy!!