Bah Humbug

Im sick >=O
How suckie is that i never get sick but sumhow from sumwhere i did outta no where!
The worst is that becuz i dont get sick often
When i do its allllll bad,, it be taking me forever to get over. I have a life i cant be sick [well scratch that having a life cuz im broke as hell so my life is limited]
But i hate being sick i really do...
But in better news.....
I got a new car [well new to me]
Its a 2000 Mercedes i havent seen it yet my dad picked it out im scared i wont like it but hey im grateful as long as im rolling i dont care i got into a terrible accident the week before my birthday [Sept. 12th....and yea i kno i didnt get to blog about my own birthday,,my dumb ass...but thanks to those that shouted me out on Twitter]
Anywho the accident killed my LeBron James [name of my car it was a Cavalier] and i miss him that was my ride or die never broke down on me or gave me problems and that day i washed him up and got slammed into by sum Mexican man w/ no insurance or valid drivers license....that crushed alll my world
I put alot of love into my car and it was so sad to see it go,, but God always brings better things into ur life so i know i will have a good time in my `Cedes,, hopefully it dont give me problems cuz Lord knows i aint got money to fix it...My Gma dont want me to have it just for that reason but maybe its for the best idk....
I really wish i cud blog the way i wana im posting this from my phone and i hate that cuz i cant edit it the way i wana i really wish my Laptop wasnt broken,, its running soooo slow and ignant and idk why,,
i need a new one preferably a MAC im done w/ PC's
But any way loves ttyl... & pray i get well

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