Kanye [to the...]

Awwwww,, Kanye -such a breath of FRESH air!!

Bitch you jus got C.Breezed [insider]!

Oh I know its been 2 weeks but crazy, random, non -singing, herpes infested people fucking each up in white residential streets in lambos, hours before the grammys never gets old! I never really got to express my opinion. Ike & Tina reincarnated is surprised at how shocked people are about this situation like domestic violence is new! First off we think we know celebrities and we dont know them. Chris might be crazy, shit Rihanna might be crazy now it shouldnt result in violence but Rihanna annoys me and I dont even know her now imagine fucking the broad lolz. Chris idk how u took that accent all the time lolz. & Idk how Ri Ri took Chris' speech impediment ass talking out the side of his mouth [literally]... But come on C. Brown & Rihanna you wouldnt find Prince smaking Appelonia...stop fuckin it up for the light skinndeded folks..ur too pretty 2 fight lolz.

[Oh yea..& come on MTV was the Love in Trouble show really neccessary??]

\\ spoken from the queen herself....

True Blue!!

[How many Homeless ppl you kno get they hair pressed!?? lolz]

Its time to bust bubbles!!....I received information from a very useful and highly informed unidentified source that Blue from the MTV reality show From G's to Gents is an imposter, a fake, a liar, a millie vanillie, watever u wana call it he aint keepin it real!. lets release some of the facts....

1. Homeboy is not Homeless [homeless ppl dont have myspaces or agents to get them on reality shows]

2.He doesnt stay with his mom [he shares an apartment with his brother]

3.He doesn't live in South Central [He lives in Inglewood]

4.He doesn't bang [if he did he wouldn't be on the show]
5.He is in collge or pretends to be idk [Civilians have spotted him in the CSUN financial aid office]

6. Who knows what else he is lying about.....[ill find out lolz]

Anywho, I guess realty TV isn't really real, oh well....
I guess all that matters is that homeboy got his 15 mins...

\\ & you heard it from the queen herself......

Crazy [Effin'] Hong Kong Ho!

Okay.... now it aint that damn serious lady!!
Asian Lady went crazy after missin her flight to the bay! I guess she really wanted her San Francisco treat!

[Effin] Gross! one of the things i like to to when im bored is look at you tube on my cell phone, & i came across this hillarious ass video of Shaq dissin Kobe! Now how original is he!? Shaq now goes in the hall of Fame!! for your own enjoyment i now present

"Kobe how my ass taste?" in E flat!

How [Effin'] Precious!!?

Valentines day is now really SSpectatucular!! Only because Sariah Star Shirley was born! 6 lbs. 10 oz. 19 in. @ 8:43am!! This lil angel is the offspring of none other than my Soulmate [aka best friend] SS! who I love so much and is proud of I wanted everyone to know bout his first addition! So look out for her soon she gona be the next Beyonce' wit Oprah power! I got her future lined up already!!

//& u heard it from the queen herself....