Alicia Augello- Cook Keys Beats

It's really been hard for me to want to not like Alicia Keys,, I'm saying she is beautiful and talented and for a cool minute seemed really down to earth,, but because of Swizz Beats she is being too basic bitch for me. I never spoke on this adulterated situation before because when I found out about it the first time, it was almost old news and I didn't have all the details until some time after. I didn't want to believe that America's Sweetheart was a home-wrecking tramp after declaring how strongly she is for women empowerment,, but there is no way shape or form you can sing about being a Superwoman being someones sideline ho for two years while the wife was pregnant with his baby taking that you knew he was married with children and after his wife politely asked you to leave her man alone so they can work on their marriage. After all of Alicia's tea had been spilled onto the counter and the floor,, I assumed she would do the righteous thing by leaving Swizz alone and revamp her life and get back on the horse because I truly am aware people make mistakes people aren't perfect and love and lust make you do crazy things,, however with her now being in the position she is in,, engaged and impregnated to a lying cheating married man she has accepted  the fact that this love affair of a mistake is something she would like to prolong with for the rest of her life. 

Now,, I have NEVER since I heard about this ordeal have or will be accepting or happy for either Alicia Keys or Swizz Beats for the obvious reasons that Im so indeed shocked everyone is so accepting of. I see people on the blogs congratulating their union like its President Obama and Michelle rekindling their vows. UH UH People,, this is not by far cute,, this situation is a fucking train wreck and a poor example of love and relationships. No matter what Alicia wants to say,, she is a role model and needs to understand that when she became a singer and most importantly a philanthropist. You can not tell me about Karma coming back around and you are sitting here playing in traffic with someone else's man. Everyone wants to turn the other cheek to this situation because they feel Alicia is so beautiful and successful and that Swizz made the better choice,, just by this happening the way it did I do not think we really knew about our beloved A. Keys the way we thought. This shit is wrong there is no justification for it,, IM SORRY!! Any woman that deals with a married man is foul as fuck and any man out there thinking Alicia is you can see right there how insecure this woman really is. Any woman sleeping or emotionally dealing with a married man *I say married because I hold HIGH expectations for marriage way differently than I do for single people but Ill get into my definition of marriage in another post* has low self esteem because she is desperate and craving a for attention to fill an absent whole in her life. Also,, with her doing this Swizz should be turned off she would even go through with it. Attention men,, if a woman allows you to cheat on your wife with her how can you ever think she will be 100% loyal and respectful to you when she has no morals or standards for herself. And women any man that allows himself to cheat on his wife and leave her for you,, how can you trust the fact he wont do the same to you. 

In closing,, I can give two donkey shits about Swizz Beats,, my expectations and liking for him was never set high. However, I was a fan of Alicia Keys *even though for a while all her songs sounded like No One for the longest and I couldn't get down although I do like Unthinkable,, probably  because it was arranged by Drake but it is a nice song* I looked at Alicia for being so attractive and talented as form of real natural beauty,, almost every man I dated loathed her as their dream girl and if she came knocking down their door in a thong alone I will be,, now Im seeing her current actions granting that as a possibility. Im really disappointed in her and Swizz Beats for carrying on like this. No matter what Swizz and Mashonda were going through there is no hurtful feeling like you man giving his love away to someone else,, I feel for her and hope she is recovering well. Im not even certain their divorce is final. But to each his own,, I hope Alicia and Swizz know that there is no positivity can come once a relationship is built on lies and deceit and they need to go home and watch a Tyler Perry play and bring their shattering life back to formation.