Happy [New Age] Day!!

Happy Effin Birthday To my Bestie Ko Ko!!
She is a Dub Deuce & I love her cuz she is my number 1 shoppin buddy/psychologist/ride or effin die to the fullest!! She the Thelma 2 my Louise!! You can catch her in your local mall/outlet/or boutique, club or hood function, or nail shop, or the Marina Home Depot [take ur pick!] We gona get sooooo throwed this weekend I can't wait!

Dear Cameron [LoL]

Letters To Cam from jeff on Vimeo.

R.I.P to Cam's Career!

Call Vivica Now 4 Your Free Readin!!

Did you catch the random tranny in the middle of the [scan to 00:33]!! And why is Vivica Fox so damn ghetto in everything she does!!

[Miss]ster Independent!?

I didn't want to believe Ne-Yo had a lil too much sweetner in his coffee! But now Im convinced!

The Hundreds [plus 5]

Clothing Line The Hundreds is releasing their 5 year Anniversary t-shirt Collection tomorrow [02.26] with styles collaborated with the lines such as Crooks & Castles, Diamond Supply Co., Deadline, 10Deep & King Stampede. The looks are definitely dope & if you live in Cali you can get yours first! Check The Hundreds stores in Los Angeles & San Fran!

The Hundreds & King Stampede::

The Hundreds & Crooks & Castles::

The Hundreds & 10 Deep::

The Hundreds & Deadline::

The Hundreds & Diamond:: [My Personal Favorite!]


In La La Land ppl don't dance they Jerk! && wat is jerkin'? Well lowkey it looks like a mixture of hyphy, crip walkin & swagg! When u do the jerk its almost required for u to scream out "eeeehhhh eehhhhh eeehhhhhh," the more faded or shaded u are the better! There are many kinds of jerkin there more extreme it is the more younger the person maybe! If you would like to learn to jerk at ur next hood function watch this video! So put on ur v-neck, fitted hat & skinnies & get 2 jerkin!