I wrote This Movie A Long Time Ago... in 94!!

The theory of Tupac being alive is really starting to sink in as being a true statement because this cat not only makes album after album from the grave, but also is able to write and produces screenplays!! How can I get up on that Tupac afterlife sheesh!! Tupac wrote the film, "Live 2 Tell," while being imprisoned for his sexual rape charge in hopes of playing the lead character if it was ever to be made. The movie is about a drug kingpin who is trying to stop his crazy lifestyle and have a better life. Now if there would ever be a time for him to ressurect, this would be the time! Afeni Shakur sold the rights to film over to Insomnia Productions who are the master minds behind Hustle and Flow. The casting for the film has started and they are in the process to be realeasing a movie about Tupac's life in hopes gaining success as great as 'Notorious'. "Live 2 Tell" production should start this year.

Guess Who's Back!?

Im not the biggest Eminem fan but when he really puts in the effort he really does make some good music! So Im happy to say that after a long hiatus of no hits or appearances, Marshall Mathers is coming back with not one but two CDs in the same year! Him and Dr. Dre have been working on these albums for about six months and I really hope its as good as Marshall Mathers LP cause that was my favorite! His new work is called Relapse which will be released May 19th and the second album Relapse 2 will be released towards the end of the year!!

Jimmy's Live!

This past week Hip Hop has called itself home on Jimmy Kimmel's & Jimmy Fallon's late night talk shows. Thses guys are really funny and I love the shows! See Lil' Wayne, Ludaris and The Roots appearances!

Ludarcris & The Roots [3.5.09]

Lil'Wayne [3.3.09]

Fly Kicks!!

New Shoes For Your Footsies!!

Skateboard Inspired Line Supra releases new colors and styles for their Supra NS shoe in Patent Leather Burgundy | Bronze | & Tie Dye Suede

ALife Everybody Mid Parachute Checkers in Green| Blue | & Red with Nylon and Leather.

Lovely Baby Humps!

If you didn't already know Bootz from the Flavor of Love 2 and Charm School is having a Lil Bootie! She is actually expecting her baby March 28th of this year. I hope this baby mellows her out because she is too hype and a lil childish goin off her actions on the shows! I wonder who the baby daddy is? And oh well for her lie she told Flav about her being selibate and saving herself till marriage, she just knew she couldn't fuck his challenged faced ass!

Rest In Paradise

Sadly today marks the 12th year of the Notorious B.I.G's passing and its really hurts me to say this. Biggie by far was, if not, the best rapper to ever to ever pick up a mic and crazy enough it was just a hobby to him. It is so unfortunate that he had to die at the peak of his career and was only in the game for about 6 or 7 years, plus he was only 24 years old; I guess its true when they say the good die young. His rapping style is the primary influence for any of your favorite rappers today and basically was the first to rap complete songs without writing them down, yea Jay-Z and Lil Wayne how original are you? I really wish the movie on his life touched on subjects that we didn't already know about BIG, but it was a nice portrayal. To all the real Hip Hop heads know to put this man down as one of the kings, and if you don't believe me buy Ready to Die and tell me that that album does not give you goosebumps!!

Frank White
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