SMH Moment: Old Ass Niggas Edition

Okaaaayyy some people need to know when to let it go. How old are yall? Like seriously you can't knock shit off...everyone in this video looks like they on drugs. Ummm Davonte,, where are your teeth?? All of H-town went from fine to fat and how come all yall songs deal with knocking some kinda footwear? Your grown as hell talk about some shit a 40 year old can relate to,, your sex is prolly 5 mins your too old for stamina endorsed sex. LMAO at this whole video and song combo.

Being an intern at a radio station for the "grown & sexy",, i guess,, i hear this damn song over and over and would love to stab the whole group next time I hear this "wanabe deep" ass song. I die laughing every time I hear this mess. Now I have no kids so maybe I can't relate but um you are leaving out some shit All For One,, this bitch aint that crazy what did you do to make her not want you to be around your child. But anywho, WTH is up with these broke down dance steps looking like praise dance. LMAO at Malcom Jamal Warner. Why are they singing to this unintuitive audience like they are lecturing,, Im confused. Old ass groups kill me, especially ones that try to make a comeback when they were so so artist in the first place.


Pass The Torch

My Blog Got Awarded!! Woop Woop lolz

»ok so the rules
1. Post award on your blog
2. Link or tell a bit about the person who gave you the award…
3. Each one of you who receive this award must list down 5 facts/hobbies about yourself
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[1] I was awarded by by Ms. Angelicaa Phyliciaa
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*This girl is so much like me its scary,, i dig her blog becuz her life experience are a reflection of mine. We feel the same on love and relationships and I give her advice based on my experiences,,not claiming them right or wrong just what I know. Check her blog its updated daily and if ur a sucker of love like me you will love it.

- my five randoms .

1. Im afraid of squirrels
2. i read between the lines of everything [ppl say i think to much]
3. me & my bestfrind's lil brothers were born on the same day the same year
4. i randomly break out into song about everything around me[especially when im drunk]
5. im self conscious about my real hair when its not done [i dont even wana go out lolz]

- im passing this onnn toooo . . .

4. Domo's World [ ]
5 Your Royal Flyness [ ]

I have many more too that i like so sorry if i didn't post you on this but ill make sure to shout yall out later!!!


Farfetched Prefered

So yesterday I seen the critically acclaimed Good Hair by Chris Rock,, I learned some things as well as laughed at things I knew. It was interested and funny,, but also made you think. One thing that stook out to me, besides the fact that Black people don't own the Black hair business themselves ___*blank stare*___, was the desire Black men have to really run their fingers in a womans hair as much as he wants to lick on and rub on some b ig titties and ass. I always felt hair was more important to a man than he led on, but what I couldn't wrap my mind around was the fact some Black men date women outside their race just to satisfy this need.Really?? That's why you wanna date a white woman over a black woman cause here hair hangs down her back and you can run your hands through it and pull it like a leash [side eye]?? as I was walking out the theater I noticed a Black man and a white woman with long hair coming in and jokingly told my friend "Are you with her for her hair??" Cause I know its not for those lil titties and flat ass.
Im not against interracial dating,, in that case I wouldn't be here. By all means be with who you want to be with,,but Im not for people getting with people for stereotypical reasons, even for people within their own race. For example, "I only date white women cause black women too loud or they dont wear their real hair." or "I only date Black women who are ugly cause they are low maintanace." Yes, I heard that bullshit. Yea I feel you should have preferences there is nothing wrong with that,, but those preferences should be morally and value based and not superficial, such as not dating a woman or man who is crazy or has a million baby mamas and daddies, not cause they hair don't reach pass they ass cheeks,, which has to be real and lays gently past the Buffy the Body shaped ass and super small waist,, and can suck and fuck like a porn star but a be a virgin,, and smart as Oprah. And its not just men women make crazy preferences as well,,a hem, he has to be balling and rolling on 22"s or higher and can pay all my bill, sex me and eat it good,, and be a father to the kids that aint his etc. you get the picture.
I just couldn't believe that the men in the movie said thats the reason they date white women because they can play in their hair. To me thats a dumb reason if thats the only reason. Furthermore, You shouldn't be with anyone based on a superficial reason,, a foundation that can be lost at any given moment. That lil comment made in the movie opened my eyes to something interesting and bigger because thats when dating interracially goes wrong. I know this doesn't apply to everyone,, but if it does loneliness may be your final destination. Black male readers let me know whats up is this the case or was the movie a lil far fetched with that analogy.


I Think Ima Wear Black For A Whole Year Straight

Well untill I get tired of it.....So I dyed my hair Black!! Yea I know I just dyed it fully blonde not too long ago,, but ima darky again. I havent had dark hair ina really long time so it took some getting used to... But dont I look cute!? Yea I know...lolz


Poetry From A Non-Poet

LMAO,, I was going through old emails from my old sidekick and found this "poem" i wrote about 3 or 4 years ago after one of my heartbreaks w/ my first love...then i was so serious about this poem now i laugh at the amateurism,,its so roses are red violets are blue... its still cute i think enjoy lolz

[exatly how it was written,, notice the ck's my daddy was a blood,,im off that now]

[Ur not the you you used 2 be.... 
maybe this was the you who you always meant 2 be... 
the one who in the end was destined to hurt me... 
but instead tried 2 blind me with hopes and dreams... 
or was it my fault for actually believin that u 
was who I thought was meant 4 me... 
I shud hav known this day wud ckum from the beginnin...
u were #1 but now u downgraded urself 2 a postision that doesn't even exist... 
congratulations for being another disapointment on my list... 
don't think for 1 seconcd u defeated me... 
don't forget that I'm still the fuckin qu33n...
So u ckan go ahead on to the next but don't get 2 ahead of urself...
ur heart is forever cursed to think bout ur ex...
which is me, ckuz u hate to admit I was ur best...
and now I want to say thanks for showin that u ckant be tru... 
so I ckan let go ckuz ur  space has been reserved
for sumone realer than u] 


Around the same time my best friend Ko Ko aka Kodak aka @LadyEyeCandy on Twitter wrote this lil poem its more funny than anything but at that time i was feelin it,, see these poems were AIM away message fillers for me  when away messages spoke your life and feelings as strongly as a blog lolz

Most niggas dont mean shit to me,
But they steady, heavy, tryin to get wit me...
The more I give, the more they take,
Cant be real, they stay FAKE!
They wonder why, i say goodbye,
I do not cry, they all can fry,
In hell, for all the fuck i care....
Trust, i'll never see them there...
I'm too damn cool, for lil boy drama,
They still hold on to their mamas,
Titties and ass is all they think about,
So i curse these niggas out,
Then they all forget about...
The fact that they, made me act this way...
I'm not a bitch, but i'll be one today....
I'm too grown,nigga  so i dont pla
You're WACK son! like Brooklyn would say,
The BEST thing that could happen to u...
Is ME, but dont go feelin blue,
Cuz i chose not to fuck with you,
My rhymes SICK, my shits contagious,
I'm FREE, your minds still in cages!
Heaven Sent...
I'm what you WISH your girl could be...
Think twice next time you FUCK WIT ME!!
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The Chosen One

Today one of my favorite basketball players and future baby daddy/hubby,,Lebron James,, is coming out with a star studded documentary film featured in a movie thearter near you. The film,,More Than a Game,, is about his life and the way he led his Akron,Ohio high school to the national championship & making the best high school team in history. It also tells the tale of his NBA accomplishments as being one of the select few to reach the pros from high school.
I love Lebron for his great personality,, his ways of giving back to the youth,, his powerful leadership ability on the court,, & off course his sexy swag. If only i could for one night [call me a groupie if you want lolz]. I am so much of a fan my beloved car was a Chevy Cavalier[R.I.P] appropriately named after King James himself.


Scared to Take My Heart Off Hold

Isn't it crazy how right when you get excited about the person you are with and you start telling people about them and you claim the relationship,, is right when it starts to turn dramatic. Its like the affirmation to the universe feels your happiness and wants to suck it all away. I understand now why Jay-Z & Beyonce are so hush hush to where you feel ``damn,,don't they love each other why don they shout it out`` but now I see why that would be the dumbest thing in the world to do. Its like once you find that one person that makes you feel good and everyone knows it,,its like they hold a stop watch waiting for your love to end. Im so used to being happy about my new boo,, i tell everyone and then it turns out wrong and then I look like the damn fool when ppl ask ``Hey, What happend to ol' boy??`` Ive experienced this before so much that now im paranoid to really tell people about my partner,, ive been apprehensive about even writing this blog post. Yes, I know it seems Im excited about being single and it has been a life changing experience in which it still is,, but I was not going to let it blind me on the way. I think I have found the one I want to be with, he has everything that I want emotionally,physically,, he treats me the way I want to be treated and cares so much about me...but we can't be together,, at least not the way I want to. For one he isn't close to me and two our connection seems too good to be true. Can I handle a long distance relationship,,like seriously?? Can I trust my emotions to not flip out about him being able to handle it?? Im not going to go into the severity of our situation,,just know on his end he is fine,,he shows no signs for now about hurting me. But like I have explained in previous posts i still haven't healed from my previous relationships to just breath easy and live. Ive known him for almost a year and he has been there for me with my last break up with my ex Donta. I appreciate him as my friend and now my lover. But,, Im too scared to really accept that. I feel once I claim this man,, once I accept him fully the way I want to the way my heart feels comfortable,, its gona turn down hill from there. It took me forever to even tell my friends and family about him,, just because Im afraid of the outcome of their opinions. They have seen me at my lowest hurt and Im not ready for the embarrassment. However, the pureness I feel with him is what gives me the desire to speak on him,, because he desrves that much. Im so torn with what I should do compared to what I want to do. Im also torn with really wanting to give my heart to a new person in allowing myself to be hurt. Putting effort in this situation,,im embracing everything I thought I would never experience,, both good and bad. On the good I finally feel a man really cares about me and wants to love me, when he speaks it doesnt feel like a lie. He doesn't claim to be perfect and I respect that. He makes me feel happy and alive and I enjoy him. On the flip side, he is far so, spending time with him is slim. Plus, me falling in love with him and him acutally falling in love with me,,for real. That may seem good,, but Im afraid ima mess it up somehow,, like self-sabotage my own destiny. I guess Ill take his advice and just take it one day at a time. Worrying is going to be the death of me,, im unsure of what Im capable of but he is a risk Im willing to take....hopefully it wont bite me in the ass later.