SMH Moment: Big Booty "Model" Edition

This is clearly an episode of "When Plastic Surgery Goes Wrong!!" Is it that much pressure to be a thick big booty vixen these days where you turn your ass into a giant beehive attack?? I'm sorry but this isn't even a touch of attractive,, if I was a man this infected looking ass wouldn't get my dick close to hard. What is even more sadder about this is that there are men that are like damn "she bad as fuck,, my dick might break inside of all that but I would still fuck." This ass looks like if you slap it too hard it would fall off. The poor chile can't even walk correctly. With those non thick thighs,, You can tell she was a skinny minnie who thought Dr.90210 could help her look like a Barbie but instead made her look like a science experiment. PSA Ladies: Please love your bodies, don't let the pressure of society have u looking crazy just for the attention and affection of some man. If you do choose to get plastic surgery its your body do you,, but please make it look like you were born with the body part,, say it with me... corrective surgery!! Don't go overboard on the the shit to where you look like two umpa lumpas made a slip in slide down your back and got caught in your anus!! Not a good look!! Fathers hug your daughters!!


Falcon Lounge || Hollywood

Me & the best friend at The Falcon Lounge in Hollywood to celebrate on e of my closest friends graduation from my Alma Marta SDSU. It was my first time there and I like it really laid back and sexy nice place to chill or go on the weekends to party, plus it was some cuties up in there that looked like they had real jobs!! Heyyyy now!! These were taken a while ago forgot to post them but don't we look too hott to trot?? Yes? Oh Why Thank you thank you thank you, your far too kind!!


We Gettin Money Over Here!!

Guess what ya'll,, I got a jizob a jizob a jizob a jizob!! Yessssssssssssssss bitches!! I'm gettin young money over here lmao I'm sooo happy and grateful and excited all in one you have no clue how much broke I was. And the coolest thing about it,, it is resume worthy a for its my first media job since I graduated last year, since then I just been interning. But thank God that my interning paved the way for me to get this job I have now because I was actually referred for this position and my boss is the someone who actually requested me to work for her because of the wonderful work ethic I showed at my internship. For legal purposes I'm not going to say the company,, just incase they want to Google me lolz,,  but just know that I work in the Marketing and Media department as a Media Marking Associate!! So,, in relation to having a job I will prolly be slacking on blogging again but I'm going to try not to. I have some more bloggin ideas on topics I would like to give my 50 cent to. Hope all is well with you guys!!!