F my L !!

So Im really not feeling my life right now it kinda sucks! The only thing that is gettin me throught the day is knowing I been through worst but I hate feelin terrible! I hate it wit all the passion in my heart! Im so over things right now! Im so tired of being tired and Im tired of gettin hurt! I get over things usually fast but it always leaves a stain on my heart. I remenice too much and I think about good things which it makes it hard to recognize and accept the bad things. Why do I put up wit guys shit so much when all I want to do is make us happy together but I can't make anyone see my vision as clearly as I do. I do miss my boyfriend but I don't deserve the bullshit at all! I want someone who wants to keep it real and 100 wit me wit out pretending. He got busted and cudn't handle his shit properly and went out like a bitch instead of being a man about it! Im just mad that I fell for it when my intuition told me from the start he prolly aint shit like the rest! But. silly me givin ppl benefits of the doubt! UGGGGGGGHHHHHH!! I jus wana scream and woop his ass! The one thing I do know for sure is God always protects me he never lets me get toooo uncontrolably deep in a situation before I can get out wit only a few scratches! Im okay Im disappointed but Ima live! I realize that this is Life and the games u play when ur tryin to Love ppl! Not everyone will be receptive of wat I have to give! Oh well for him, yea he has great qualities about him and I don't hate him Im jus mad as hell. But, you ALWAYS reap wat you sow so he will be one to receive his punishment! Im not a bitch, but Im starting to feel maybe I should be maybe my life would be easier. In this life there are people who get fucked and then there are people who do the fucking, Im sumwhere in between since Ive done both but its so watever at this point! Im over alot of things right now and im semi happy and semi sad! For the reason is nothin ever goes my fuckin way! Im not over men but Im cool on them for a while! So good luck to the next guy I meet shit may not be easy for him! I might have to be that bitch I never wanted to be!