I Got The Golden Ticket!!


March 29th Me && The Jackalantern is gone get turnt off some Lean & Louis the 13th in The Gibson Ampathearter in Lost Angeleez for the I AM MUSIC TOUR!! && We are gona try && get backstage [cross fingaz]
Im super geeked cuz if this Gentleman

shows up I think Ima have a heart attack!

Google Me Baby

I guess good things only come to those who wait! T-mobile has already developed the G2 Google Android phone which looks extremely better than the G1. I have the G1 and it gives me stress but it is a cool phone despite the ever so often bitch fits it throws and freezes and turns off on your ass! I won't get another T-Mobile phone till they put out this G3 lolz even though this phone actually looks official!

Killer Heels!

Chanel Cruise 2009 Platform Heel
Dangerously Dope!

Pretty Sugar!!

For Ladies who love sucking & licking pretty sticks, Sugar Factory, has the Lollipop made just for you! Couture Pops are the new thing in fashion these days with leading endorsements from the Pussy Cat Dolls, Britney Spears & Kim Kardashian, each having their own signature pop! The Lollipops can be purchased individually [$20] or in a box set[$70]. Each pop is equipped with blinged out stem & plastic top to save for future licks! Once the original pop is devoured, you can buy new heads to attach to your stem so that you can always have a lovely pop on hand.

PCD Tour Pop

Britney Spears- Big Top

Kim Kardashian- Champagne