Where The HELL is Kam??

Hey loves!!! Ive been M.I.A and I truly apologize. Ive been going through so much lately that I'm finally stable, well kind of. lol. Also, I've been gone because of laziness and not really knowing how to word some of the things Ive been wanting to post to you guys. Ive been reading a lot of your blogs but haven't been contributing to my own. I used to love to post and loved when you all would comment. I need to get back in the spirit. Hope everyone is well,, I hope I still have at least one reader left :^/ I guess we will see... in the meantime check out my new tattoo...


Happy New Age Day!!

Happy Birthday to Me!!!
Yes It's my birthday my loves and I am now 23 years beautiful and I'm so blessed to be reaching another year. Since my 22md birthday so many changes have occured within my life,, so many things I learned about friendships and the `real world` and most importantly myself. I am growing into a beautiful woman who is not perfect and can accept my flaws in only trying to perfect them the best I can. I am learning from my mistakes and moving forward. One thing I have learned that I am proud of myself is my faith level,, my  faith haven't been this strong in all of my life for some reason I have learned to start putting the past in the past and accepting the things I can't change. Im learning to trust God's plan even when I have no understanding of it. There are current challenges that I am facing and its been very hard to work through them or to understand them,, but I am trying my hardest to decipher the lesson and continue on in my life. I am also learning to accept myself and to get gain further love for me and to remove the insecurities I am struggling with.I have so much to do with my life and I am excited for my purpose to reveal itself and for me to savor in all its rewards.


My Blog Brand New!!

I updated my blog as you can see and Im really excited about it. It looks so much better to me more sleek i guess. I'm still trying to fix it up but I had to change it. Major shout out  to Elle at edk.dolce [] she hooked up my banner for me and I thank her so much for volunteering her services. Isn't it cute?? Of course it is,, it has me on it!! 

P.S. I'm going to be blogging more soon once I get my mind into writing again I have learned so much this past summer,, as I wrote in my last blog,, it seems every summer I go through a life changing moment.  
Love you guys,, keep reading!!


Life Is A Happy Game??

Hello all!! Sorry I haven't been blogging as much as I would to so much has been going on in my life. I feel so overwhelmed and somewhat defeated. Have you ever had some many changes in your life that you just couldn't keep up with it?? Or life seems to be going fine until a travesty of an event happens. Every year I have a super life changing event happen to me and I'm getting real tired of this. Some years I have two or even three,, but majority of the time I experience at least one. I just want to live and be happy,, I'm getting real tired of learning life lessons the hard way even when I'm not trying to.

I desperately need a break a vacation of sorts. I want to get away from all of my past and my current situation. I understand life is full of tests and trials but what scares me is already knowing all that i been through and realizing that at 22,, this is only the beginning. I have so much more lessons to learn and harsh experiences to go through I don't know how long I'm going to last mentally before breaking down. 

What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger,, this is true and I know that through all of my crazy experiences I have learned from them and they made me a stronger,, wiser person but they also have left impressionable scars on my soul. I get constant flashbacks of these experiences and even though I have to move on from them,, they still make me feel horrible I had to go through that just to learn from it. I'm definitely the person that you say don't touch that its hot and eventually I touch it anyway just to see or sometimes I'm the person who knows its hot and stay away from it for majority of the time,, but while I'm trying to avoid it so diligently,, I manage to trip and fall or someone pushes me on it and get burned anyway. My life in my eyes can be a constant train wreck its never smooth sailing and I'm struggling so hard to not slip into depression. 

My biggest struggle right now is getting over the experiences and moving on. i have been feeling really down on myself lately saying all the shoulda, coulda,woulda's, that I'm losing my mind. Can some of you tell me how do you guys get over things that have happened to you in your life that pushed you to the limit? How do you all just say "Fuck it" to things that make life unbearable at times? I need your advice and prayers,, because like many,, I'm going through it and I'm feeling miserable. Share some of your pick me ups that help you get over and get by.


SMH Moment: Big Booty "Model" Edition

This is clearly an episode of "When Plastic Surgery Goes Wrong!!" Is it that much pressure to be a thick big booty vixen these days where you turn your ass into a giant beehive attack?? I'm sorry but this isn't even a touch of attractive,, if I was a man this infected looking ass wouldn't get my dick close to hard. What is even more sadder about this is that there are men that are like damn "she bad as fuck,, my dick might break inside of all that but I would still fuck." This ass looks like if you slap it too hard it would fall off. The poor chile can't even walk correctly. With those non thick thighs,, You can tell she was a skinny minnie who thought Dr.90210 could help her look like a Barbie but instead made her look like a science experiment. PSA Ladies: Please love your bodies, don't let the pressure of society have u looking crazy just for the attention and affection of some man. If you do choose to get plastic surgery its your body do you,, but please make it look like you were born with the body part,, say it with me... corrective surgery!! Don't go overboard on the the shit to where you look like two umpa lumpas made a slip in slide down your back and got caught in your anus!! Not a good look!! Fathers hug your daughters!!


Falcon Lounge || Hollywood

Me & the best friend at The Falcon Lounge in Hollywood to celebrate on e of my closest friends graduation from my Alma Marta SDSU. It was my first time there and I like it really laid back and sexy nice place to chill or go on the weekends to party, plus it was some cuties up in there that looked like they had real jobs!! Heyyyy now!! These were taken a while ago forgot to post them but don't we look too hott to trot?? Yes? Oh Why Thank you thank you thank you, your far too kind!!


We Gettin Money Over Here!!

Guess what ya'll,, I got a jizob a jizob a jizob a jizob!! Yessssssssssssssss bitches!! I'm gettin young money over here lmao I'm sooo happy and grateful and excited all in one you have no clue how much broke I was. And the coolest thing about it,, it is resume worthy a for its my first media job since I graduated last year, since then I just been interning. But thank God that my interning paved the way for me to get this job I have now because I was actually referred for this position and my boss is the someone who actually requested me to work for her because of the wonderful work ethic I showed at my internship. For legal purposes I'm not going to say the company,, just incase they want to Google me lolz,,  but just know that I work in the Marketing and Media department as a Media Marking Associate!! So,, in relation to having a job I will prolly be slacking on blogging again but I'm going to try not to. I have some more bloggin ideas on topics I would like to give my 50 cent to. Hope all is well with you guys!!!


Changes To Come

My blog definitely needs a makeover,, Im tired of looking at it like this I want to polish it up a lil. I have been wanting to do this for a while but I have been too lazy. It takes a lot of patience to do this taking the template I have right now was all made from scratch. I want it to be revamped and more modern. If anyone would like to make me a cute banner leave a comment or email me at Oh and  I was thinking of changing my domain name, I don't want a blogspot anymore,, however Im unsure if I do that will you all still be able to find me easily?? Give me info on that. If you guys have some sugggestions of topics of anything you would like me to speak on let me know as well or if you have or want advice from me. Greatly appreciate you all for reading and the readers i have had from day one who still read and comment I heart you more than you know. Also, I will do my best to reach out to all of you and if you would like me to check out your blog let me know and if you are new to this blog please follow and comment.Thanks. Tootles

What is Slim Thug Talking About??

So I waited a few days to really make sure I could give a non-bias or should I say a non-black bitch comment about his proclaimed judgment on the black woman and why we are all doomed to hell. He might as well should have said we were Satan's children and we need to be redeemed and forgiven by Jesus. Sheesh!! Is that really how black men feel about us? When did black women not become shit?? One thing I don't like is people that make ridiculous judgments and interpretations of what a whole race is based on a few people. Isn't that called being prejudice?? Do I have to call Slim Thugga a racist lol? His comment if you didn't get to read it, put down not only black women but white women. For him to say Black women need to lower our standards because successful Black men don't exist shows more about black men than black women any day. Why are successful black men going extinct and why is that okay? I think the better implication is that they are the ones that need to get it together. I feel that the definition of success is very blurred in the black community anyway. For Slim Thug to think he is successful by being a dope boy is just pathetic, cuz he damn sure not making money as a rapper. We need to stop thinking that getting money is the only ounce of success and independence, being successful comes from the way you spend that money and how you get it and its not only a lifestyle but a state of mind. Just because someone isn't able to buy out the bar doesn't mean they aren't successful,, y'all need to stop letting entertainment equal y'all success and go get an education and get a more realistic career,,and stop giving excuses to why you can't do shit else, but rap,, sell drugs,, and play sports. Success comes with ambition and working hard in a positive way and if we do not have enough black men in our community that has that then they are the ones that need to pull it together.Instead of black women lowering our standards maybe y'all need to raise yours. The fact that there are more black women in college than black men shows that,, the fact that they populate the majority of the jail systems shows that. I'm not going to go too deep into this situation because I can go on and on,, but I will say that I do not believe all black men believe in what Slim Thug is saying and if y'all do that's just fucking sad and you have no respect for women in general. Black women do hold y'all down for the fact that we still all fuck with y'all like that. I'm proud to say that there is no other race of woman that has held the black man down stronger than the black woman; we are there for y'all through thick thin and all that,, we have helped y'all become the men you are today.  Any real woman of any race demands success and the ability to provide for the family and be a protector from any man she seeks to be with,, if women have to search miles high and low to find a black man that equals that is not a great representation of the black man at all. Also, any white woman or woman other than black that allows a man to refer to them the way Slim Thug does is pathetic as well. Remember these perfect 'submissive' women were once the same women y'all got lynched for even looking at or the first women today to go running saying she was raped. I do think there are some rotten apples that spoils it for the rest,, but those are personal problems to why your woman won't do for you or is irresponsible,, that is not a racial problem. If yall go around flossing shit and showing your worth is only made by what you have.. all you will attract is that gold diggin' girl than trust me that's what you deserve to have. I really don't like when people date for superficial reasons,, it says a lot about you more than the race your putting down or the race you are promoting; if you meet someone and date them it should be because they compliment you in the most positive ways not because of a damn stereotype.


Thanking You Now!!

Okkk,, So I am one of those people out there who took advantage of the leak of Drake's Thank Me Later,, [you probably have it as well] and with that being said I was trying to hold out on hearing until I ripped open the plastic packaging,, however,, because of all the hype and wonderful reviews I couldn't help myself to obtain it. Once I found out that my best friend it downloaded,, I had to hear its greatness. And yes I AM IMPRESSED!!  I loveeeeeeee this album I play it everyday all day. There isn't one song I skip nor dislike. He definitely gave me all I needed and more and I'm glad he stayed with his style and story telling that us true Drizzy fans fell in love with. It is very reminiscent of So Far Gone and that was definitely an upgraded flavor compared to Room For Improvement and Comeback Season,, which I still love as well. Thank Me Later to me is a sequel to So Far Gone. I'm still going to buy Thank Me Later as intended but I'm so Happy I didn't wait till later,, I'm also glad Drake isn't upset about the leak.


Alicia Augello- Cook Keys Beats

It's really been hard for me to want to not like Alicia Keys,, I'm saying she is beautiful and talented and for a cool minute seemed really down to earth,, but because of Swizz Beats she is being too basic bitch for me. I never spoke on this adulterated situation before because when I found out about it the first time, it was almost old news and I didn't have all the details until some time after. I didn't want to believe that America's Sweetheart was a home-wrecking tramp after declaring how strongly she is for women empowerment,, but there is no way shape or form you can sing about being a Superwoman being someones sideline ho for two years while the wife was pregnant with his baby taking that you knew he was married with children and after his wife politely asked you to leave her man alone so they can work on their marriage. After all of Alicia's tea had been spilled onto the counter and the floor,, I assumed she would do the righteous thing by leaving Swizz alone and revamp her life and get back on the horse because I truly am aware people make mistakes people aren't perfect and love and lust make you do crazy things,, however with her now being in the position she is in,, engaged and impregnated to a lying cheating married man she has accepted  the fact that this love affair of a mistake is something she would like to prolong with for the rest of her life. 

Now,, I have NEVER since I heard about this ordeal have or will be accepting or happy for either Alicia Keys or Swizz Beats for the obvious reasons that Im so indeed shocked everyone is so accepting of. I see people on the blogs congratulating their union like its President Obama and Michelle rekindling their vows. UH UH People,, this is not by far cute,, this situation is a fucking train wreck and a poor example of love and relationships. No matter what Alicia wants to say,, she is a role model and needs to understand that when she became a singer and most importantly a philanthropist. You can not tell me about Karma coming back around and you are sitting here playing in traffic with someone else's man. Everyone wants to turn the other cheek to this situation because they feel Alicia is so beautiful and successful and that Swizz made the better choice,, just by this happening the way it did I do not think we really knew about our beloved A. Keys the way we thought. This shit is wrong there is no justification for it,, IM SORRY!! Any woman that deals with a married man is foul as fuck and any man out there thinking Alicia is you can see right there how insecure this woman really is. Any woman sleeping or emotionally dealing with a married man *I say married because I hold HIGH expectations for marriage way differently than I do for single people but Ill get into my definition of marriage in another post* has low self esteem because she is desperate and craving a for attention to fill an absent whole in her life. Also,, with her doing this Swizz should be turned off she would even go through with it. Attention men,, if a woman allows you to cheat on your wife with her how can you ever think she will be 100% loyal and respectful to you when she has no morals or standards for herself. And women any man that allows himself to cheat on his wife and leave her for you,, how can you trust the fact he wont do the same to you. 

In closing,, I can give two donkey shits about Swizz Beats,, my expectations and liking for him was never set high. However, I was a fan of Alicia Keys *even though for a while all her songs sounded like No One for the longest and I couldn't get down although I do like Unthinkable,, probably  because it was arranged by Drake but it is a nice song* I looked at Alicia for being so attractive and talented as form of real natural beauty,, almost every man I dated loathed her as their dream girl and if she came knocking down their door in a thong alone I will be,, now Im seeing her current actions granting that as a possibility. Im really disappointed in her and Swizz Beats for carrying on like this. No matter what Swizz and Mashonda were going through there is no hurtful feeling like you man giving his love away to someone else,, I feel for her and hope she is recovering well. Im not even certain their divorce is final. But to each his own,, I hope Alicia and Swizz know that there is no positivity can come once a relationship is built on lies and deceit and they need to go home and watch a Tyler Perry play and bring their shattering life back to formation. 



Vegas Baby!!

Two weeks ago I went to Las Vegas with my friends for the Mayweather and Suga Shane fight and we got to stay in the MGM. There were indeed crazy unexpected moments that I wish never happened but there also was fun vibrant moments that I enjoyed. No matter what the trip really magnified some specific things regarding friendships and the phrase 'shit happens'. But,, it surely let us know that we party hard,, we have fun,, and we enjoy each other company even when we get on each other nerves. We by far do not live boring lives, but for now here are some flicks (and the craziest of them all are not even here)....

She got her nipple caught in the zipper,, OMG that was so hilarious 


She kept hopping in and out of the car,, i did a couple of times too

I don't even remember taking this pik,, kinda why its so unflattering geez lolz

Our Road Warrior he came with the rental car

We got a flat!! Vegas didn't want us to leave!!

Good Parts: We were all drunk most of the time
We laughed and shared crazy  jokes 
We all looked cute
Ate really well  
Walked the strip
Gambled a lil

Bad: Because I don't want to get sued,, I'm going to leave these events in Vegas and amongst the parties involved

No matter what I would still take these crazy girls on any trip with me,, maybe not all at once tho lolz

Find Your Love

So I finally got a chance to peep out Drake's new video and song,, "Find Your Love",, and let me the one to say *standing ovation* that this video is by far the best he has done so far. I loved everything about it,, this video brought me back to why i loved videos in the first place. They are supposed to be creative visual translations of the song and I love videos that tell stories and he did just that!! Im so proud of him!! He gave me all that I wanted and needed with this video. Now the song is growing on me,, something about the beat is throwing me off,, is it me or does Kanye West never really does right by Drake. First,, the Best I Ever had video and now this beat,, come on Kanye I think you can do better. But,, its not a bad song. For the most part,, it is definitely a come up for Drake and his video skills he reminded us that he can act and he did look really handsome. I am a proud hater of Maliah Michel's lower half,, I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I looked like that yall couldn't tell me shit!! 


Beauty Epitomized

R.I.P Lena Horne

She was classic beauty at every age and a wonderful performer and role model to women of color and she will be greatly missed


The Hott Chick: Miley Cyrus Edition

This lil bitch done got grown!! And I like it actually! I eas a lil skeptical at first,, Im like Miley need to go sit her ass down somewhere before she get pregnant. She got a boyfriend who is like four years older than her and she showing bare backs and cleavage,, we have lost Americas Sweetheart! Where is Hannah Montana?? But I guess just like every child star they have to grow up and I don't think this video is as bad as they are making it out to be,, she isn't naked or rolling around in dirt and water dripping down her body or humping the ground. I think this video is giving off just enough sexy,, it may still be a lil risky because she is still a minor. But,, i like Miley Cyrus i think she is cute and I would do the shit outta her boyfriend lmao


This song is my shit!! How many of you have been single for the night!? I know I have! Everytime a guy Im talking to or even with gets on my nerves,, fucks up or tries to play me,, it forces me to say fuck you and move on to the next,, one of the reason I always have a backup...May not be right but hey,, its life!

*Side note*= Jesus can I please get a booty like that white girl in the video!!? I promise Ill be good!


Oprah Ol' Hypocrite,,Opportune Ass Winfrey

As much as I love this woman for all her strides and obstacles she has overcome and how she is a role model to young African Americans on believing in yourself and following your dreams and being a money mogul bad bitch.... The bitch can get on my damn nerves!! Oprah is a fucking opportunist and only does shit that got money signs framed around it. Don't be fooled thinking this woman is doing shit and making statements for the kindness of her heart,, things don't get to ger unless money is attached and if it smells like gouda cheese then she throws away all of what she says and beomes a damn hypocryte.

Now for all of you schocked at what Im saying take a look at this damn photograph. She is pictured with rappers,, no matter how much credit is stored on their black cards,, they are still rappers and Oprah expresses her hate for Hip Hop,, but you over here dancing with Pharrell and Diddy like these niggas don't call bitches hoes and niggas niggas,, and I know by the looks of how much fun we are having in this picture,, Celine "My Heart Will Go On" Dion is not being played from the from the DJ booth. I hate how she try to say she don't like the N-Word but surely has actors and comedians on her show that use it regularly in their work,, but it took Jay-Z to marry Beyonce for you to get a real rapper on your show witha real interview. Don't even let me bring up you putting him on the show and not even letting Ludacris in the building to sit whith the cast of Crash,, which number 1 is not a Hip Hop film so in doing so,, all the questions you needed to ask Luda is about a movie not huis lyrics. That was fucked up Oprah!! But all because Ludacris doesn't hold Diddy money he couldn't be recognized when he was 1 of the only 4 black people in the whole damn film.

See Ms. Wrinfrey don't try to be no house nigga on me and dance around shit for these white folks,, cause I know what you're up to. See you only do things that make you "look the part" you do things that will only make you look like you so down for the black community,, but only the black community that will give you money. For example,, its a million young kids in America that needed a school right in the heart of Chicago,, but Oprah had to go to Africa for it to make headlines. Now I appreciate her for the all girls school in Africa,, but when I learned you had to be a super duper African girl to go,, I was like Oh Hell No!! She does things for people however there is always a `but` to her madness. She will be the type to be like `ill help you,, but what will this do for me.`

I do love you Oprah in certain circumstances,, but just like with every love relationship there is still some hate I can still call your ass out if I feel you ding some shady shit,, that goes for everyone I adore friend, fam, or celeb.


Who is this Drizzy?? Bring Cool, Calm Drake Back!!

There is no question that I'm a Drake fan,, most of you that read my blog from the beginning know that by now. But,, ever since he has been apart of young money my tolerance for his new style of rap has decreased. I have been a lil disapointed in his latest endeavors,, such as his videos,, I expected him to be more creative than that and the fact that he uses those `Young Money Metaphors`... you know the ones that go like 'I be peddling,, Biscycle!!' Ummmm WTF is that? Thats not rhyming thats not what you used to do or what we fell in love with. Its not fair for your fans for you to take on the likes of style from a label that would ever give Nicki Minaj a chance. I was never proud of him being inducted into the Young Money family because I felt he stuck out like a sore thumb,, but I am glad that he is getting the notoraity he deserves. But the fact that his cool,, calm colected style that expresses things a young mixed guy from Toronto would explain. I never understood who approved him to soowoop for the bloods like Lil Wayne. Thats not cool boo. I support him always and I do still get excited when I hear new things from him or about him so I will be purchasing Thank Me Later,, Im just hoping it still goes hard as Comeback Season and So Far Gone,, the Drake I fell in love with!!

Thank Me Later drops June 15

Beyonce || `Why Don't You Love Me?`

Why is Beyonce' such a bad Bish!?? I love you Honey Bee,, if nobodyelse does!!


Zac Posen For Target

Target to me always had cute pieces here and there,, but it was like you always had to search. Ever since top designers came on board like Issac Mizrahi and Jean Paul Gaultier have taken the reigns in Target fashions the women's department has definitely been revamped. The new Zac Posen line is now available at Target as of April 25, and Im really going to stock up!! I love Zac Posen,, now when they have Chanel Im really going to go broke!!

Two piece ruffled dress- $79

Blue Chambray Dress- $39

Pink Sailor Dress- $39

MulticolorTiger Tank- $16

Tie-Die Print Low V One Piece Swimsuit- $39

Black Ruched Skirt- $34

Floral Print Brocade Tie Dress- $74