SMH Moment: Cheetah Girl Gone Wild Edition

Watch This Fuckery Please...

Okay now Wat The Eff was that shit?? Is she serious?? WWDT (what would Disney think)? I dont think this is the way a Cheetah Girl is supposed to behave, (idk wat a cheetah girl is supposed to be tho? hmmm) Anywho, this video is ridiculous, this song is an epic fail, wat the hell is she wearing? Im just appauled. These lyrics are some ghetto whorony hoe qoutes at its best:
 "I was faced down ass up/clothes off broke off"
"I don't know his name/but he can get it again if he wana"
"He musta pulled a track out/when he blew my back out" 
She musta been drunk to fuck that ugly som-bitch wtf was that predator with Michael Jackson bleach on his face? And why did I see his ass?? I dont like the message she is promoting even for a grown bitch = Drunk sex with a stranger with out a condom. First off thats dangerous and second why are u doing a walk of shame he couldn't get you a cab...thats a no no lmao. Like @amberalert123 said on twitter "all that was missing was her goin to a drug store to get some plan b pills". WTF Kiely?? From 3 Lil Women to 3 Lil Whores,, they all done lost they damn minds =sex scenes in movies, naked photos on the internet, & unprotected drunken sex. Oh and Im sorry, drunk sex is never spectacular, trust me lolz.


So readers I have been drastically neglecting my blog and Im so sorry. Its really cuz I haven't really had a writing tendency mixed with laziness and lack of bloggin resources (hate bloggin on my phone)...
But, Im backwell at least for now.
So let me recap what has been new with me:

I lost my mind!! A little over a week ago i had the blessing to go to the best concert of my life JAY-Z BLUEPRINT 3 TOUR...OMG that was the shiiiiiittttttt to the maximum I was so excited. Jay delievers like I expected him to but I had the feeling times 10 the way I felt when I first saw Fade to Black. He did almost his whole collection, surprised me with Young Jeezy and tore it down. Also, dont let me forget Trey Songz was there to open the show. I wanted him to sing "Ur Behind" so bad but he didnt. I was also very drunk through out the show i was onnnnnn & these 2 guys me and my best friend was sittin next to were too funny they kept dancing with me. I lost my voice that night and my feet were hurting and I was wearing flat boots. I was soooo happy, I was however expecting Beyonce but I guess I have to see her on her own tour.

I lost my job!! So Im broke as a joke my money is crazy funny I nickname it Chris Rock!! Im desperately on the hunt for a new job. I had a huge interview with The Art Institute of California-Hollywood and unfortunately I didn't get that position. I would have really jump started my career, but Im guessing God has soemthing better for me....

I lost weight!! Well almost... Ive been doing a great job to really get intuned with myself and relationship with food and not really diet but have a lifestyle change. I work out more or try to and I want to change my life and make myself feel way better not just look better. Im definitely a work in progress...

I lost a chance at love!! Womp Womp!! (get more in depth in another post) It actually happened officially today so if you have been reading my tweets you can see I have been hurt. Im just emotionally drained when it comes to relationships and men IDK wat to do. Im sad and frustrated and some what bitter. Im not giving up on men because I will forever love them and I know they will forever be apart of my life but Im very guarded now and it saddens me I have to be that way to the next guy, but it is wat it is....

Im not going to promise that Im going to post as much as a used to, But, I can say I will try. I do love you guys who have been staying faithful I appreciate it. Also, you may find glitches on my blog I think it has been hacked cuz I keep gettin a grip of spam, but Ima work that out. Love you guys stay peaceful and happy!!