Odd Man Out!

&& Im not talkin bout Nelly!!

Do you see this heffa! OMG Christie Wat The Eff Happened?? You used to be the hottest girl next door now you just look like young Donatella Versace. Mega Ice princess blonde and black roots are not poppin. Also, fuckin for beats is not poppin either hunnie!! Someone pull this girl over and talk to her. IDK, but it shows alot about your talent level if you have to fuck wit a certain someone to boost your career. For example, Nick Cannon put her on the map with movies and being all in her videos. When they broke up she fucked wit Dre who producer her second album. And now she is fucking The Dream now that she is on Radio Killa. Scratch my head becuz you can't just tell me you like this nigga just for his personality. Dream looks like a fat boy who lost weight every where but his face. But, I love the Dreams music for sure. I do have concerns about fake relationships Im gettin really tired of seein them. I would like to see people do it For the Love like Ray J and not always for the publicity. I guess diginity and integritiy isnt on ppls brains when they try to make that money. But what kills me is its always people making crazy decisions where their career is at an all time low. Or when ppl are forgetting you. You have to lose your normal character to make ppl like you? Is that right role modelship to be showing our youth of today lolz. But no really, Everyone wants to scream how real they are but do sum fake shit and wonder why ppl are like WTF?? From the facts about homegirl I can't really believe she is truly trying to make it last with the Dream beyond the recording contract. If so please prove me wrong & stop gettin producers/rappers/singers to be your man every time your CD flops..its not always their fault maybe you need to just look in the mirror and take responsiblity and say CHRISTINA, YOUR JUST A WACK ARTIST!