My Bangs Bitch!!

So i cut my own bangs for the very first time in my life lolz,, never have i ever had bangs,, so i took a major risk.IDK how i wana feel about them though,, i dont love them yet but everyone says they are cute. Im always changing my hair so it takes me a while to get used to a new hair style,,especially one i never had before. Please give me your feedback,, does it look cute or should i never touch scissors again lolz??

Public Service Annoucement

I will be at the Jay-Z Concert on March 26, 2010 7:30pm at the Staples Center

....That is all

The Hott Chick: Lady Gaga Edition

"I want your Ugly//
                    I want your disease"

So everyone knows how raw Lady Gaga is by now,, I never did a post on her but now i think its due for this Bad Romance video. I love it!! i love her creativity,, all her videos and songs do it for me. Play Just Dance or Poker Face at any moment and watch me get it in. Her songs are just so much fun,, i call it drunk white girl music lolz. And Im Loving the part in this song where she be ``Ra/ Ra/ Uh Uh Uh/Romaaa/Roma Mah Mah /Ga Ga/ Ooo La La/ Want Your Bad Romance`` thats my shit!! And did you peep her back tat and those killer shoes?? Just Bomb!!