Coo Coo for Co Co

I am a huge Chanel fan since I was a little girl because of my mothers infatuation with the house brand. I love how dynamic Chanel is granted they only use a select few color pallets every year and same style every year, however, it always translates differently. Chanel exudes elegance and class with classic trademark trends. Here are some of the hott styles I love from the 2009 Winter Collection. BTW, Karl Lagerfeld and I have the same birthday. Virgos are the Best!

All The Single Ladies!!

A woman should always be prepared to have sex. We need to get over that myth that a man should be the one to carry the condom! NOOOO! Don't leave it up to him because he may not have it and then you are assed out because you can't get in the mood because you were unprepared. I hope all of you are having protected sex, Its too much shit going around not too, && I don't know when having babies were in style. So wrap it up! Now this lil pretty case is for the ladies who are embarassed to just be randomly carrying around condoms freely in their purses for the bad impression of being seen as a permiscous hoe, Like you don't want the guy to say "Damn, she got more condoms than Lip Gloss!" So discretely you can hide you condoms in this Just In Case. Also, for good measures put Magnums only in there to let the man know 'If you can't fit this, you can't hit this!' It will narrow your search of finding good peen down to a minumum, plus, you will feel more safe knowing the guy is using a condom that came from you. Also, help him put it on so you know its on properly, it may turn him on [of course don't put it on like a doctor]. And the number one rule that is important that alot of guys miss [if you are male listen up]...After Ejaculating in you safety glove, please, please, please [I can't stress this enough] to Hold On To The Condom Then Pull Out! Don't get so excited that you forget the condom is on, that is defeating the damn purpose of putting it on in the first place that you have to fish it out the vag because you were too lazy to hold on to it. Attn. fellas Pussies are tight, meaning they grip and hold onto stuff so don't be in a crazy predicament and disrespect the girl by not being aware of the jimmie after sex. Not cool!! A lil TMI but I feel it needs to be said. But, for the most part happy love making, and be careful,
Better Safe than Sorry!!

Baby Daddy Status: Jason Statham Edition

Hott Ass White Boy!! This cat can get it it 8 days a week! I love his accent, his body, and his movies. I first fell in love when he was on The Italian Job, one of my fav. movies and he kicks ass on the Crank & Transporter movies.And to top it off me and him have the same birthday [9.12] so we will get along fine. I indeed wana have some light skinned, proper talkin, kung fu babies with this guy for sure, && I don't mind livin in London either, Cheeri-Effin-O mate.


Joey Drake TV

Did you hear that!!? Drake said his CD will drop this fall!! Yay! I absolutely love this guy like seriously[all hetero =p ]. He is so handsome and so polite and such a gentleman [that kissing the fans on the hand thing may stop once he is big enough], did you see how he was nice to that poor thing he took a pik wit, the one with the horrible blond wig. Lawd, Wat The Eff was she thinkin bout? Plus, Joe Budden has to be the realest funniet guy, I love him everyone is sayin he is so lucky to have Tahiry [which he low key is] But she is lucky too to have such a mature, funny, cool guy like him. One more thing, Oliver The Parisean Gangster was lookin real fly too, now he is a hott white boy who can definitely get on baby daddy status!

Frozen Crack!!

I am Obsessed and Addicted to Yogurtland!! I go at least twice a week. It is delicioso to the max and Im so happy I found it. Its so cute inside and taste way better than Pinkberry [sorry =\] who I think is very overrated. For one, Yogurtland is self serve and has a milli toppins to choose from and has huge cups[16 0z is a small] to fill it up with. My favorite has to be the NY Cheesecake and I mix it with fresh Strawberrys, Cheesecake bites, and White Chocolate Sauce!! Woooo, talking about something tasting like Jesus this would be it. Plus, they have the best tasting water I ever had, lolz. So please find a Yougurtland nearest you and let this be your ultimate snack from now on.

Baby Daddy Status: Shannon Brown Edition

The Lake Show is looking nicer these days with this man as the eye candy. Shannon Brown is sexy as fuck! I want to be impregnated by him along with the wedding ring. Kobe is no longer the hott guy on the team! He is the reason Ill be screamin Go Lakers!

The Hott Chick: Kim Kardash Editition

I like the change. Its way better than the last chick's blond hair I posted about [see below]. People don't like when celbrities change their look because we are so used to seeing them a certain way. But, Kimmie is looking hott!! I don't theink she is trying to look like J.Lo, I forgot that girl even existed. I love her cuz she is gorgeous and seems like a real woman. Plus her family is hilarious. I wish I grew up with that many people in a house kinda because of all the support and fun times that you all can have. Plus, she is gona make the most cutest babies with that Reggie Bush. I just wish he had more personality, he seems a lil stiff and I only heard him say 5 words since he has been a star. But anywho, when you look like that I guess you don't need to speak.


Odd Man Out!

&& Im not talkin bout Nelly!!

Do you see this heffa! OMG Christie Wat The Eff Happened?? You used to be the hottest girl next door now you just look like young Donatella Versace. Mega Ice princess blonde and black roots are not poppin. Also, fuckin for beats is not poppin either hunnie!! Someone pull this girl over and talk to her. IDK, but it shows alot about your talent level if you have to fuck wit a certain someone to boost your career. For example, Nick Cannon put her on the map with movies and being all in her videos. When they broke up she fucked wit Dre who producer her second album. And now she is fucking The Dream now that she is on Radio Killa. Scratch my head becuz you can't just tell me you like this nigga just for his personality. Dream looks like a fat boy who lost weight every where but his face. But, I love the Dreams music for sure. I do have concerns about fake relationships Im gettin really tired of seein them. I would like to see people do it For the Love like Ray J and not always for the publicity. I guess diginity and integritiy isnt on ppls brains when they try to make that money. But what kills me is its always people making crazy decisions where their career is at an all time low. Or when ppl are forgetting you. You have to lose your normal character to make ppl like you? Is that right role modelship to be showing our youth of today lolz. But no really, Everyone wants to scream how real they are but do sum fake shit and wonder why ppl are like WTF?? From the facts about homegirl I can't really believe she is truly trying to make it last with the Dream beyond the recording contract. If so please prove me wrong & stop gettin producers/rappers/singers to be your man every time your CD flops..its not always their fault maybe you need to just look in the mirror and take responsiblity and say CHRISTINA, YOUR JUST A WACK ARTIST!


Ribbed For Your Pleasure

Not only is Obama runnin the country he can make u cum too?? I saw this any literally my mouth dropped while shaking my head!! Is this fuckin necessary? Do we need to exploit Obama that bad? Niggas are too much...Jus too damn much! Idk about u, but it wud creep me out to have an Obama head in my pussy... Even though Obama is a sexy beast it jus doesnt sit well wit me. Plus this shit looks like it hurts! I wonder how he feels about this... & another thing, why the dick gotta be white? It shuda at least been caramel lolz...

Roaches That Write!

First order of business I know Im waaaaaayyy over due for postin on the I AM MUSIC TOUR dont blame me, the person who has all the piks in her camera is takin two years to send them to me [who knows when that will be, Lil Wayne gona be retired by the time I write bout that shit!]

Anywho, As I sed a few post below that I have inspired ppl to start a blog themselves. So im debuting two skeezahs that are dear to my heart. My lil tigg ol bitty beezie Kay.Jay.Nay & My big booty judy Lisa Marie have blogs so please check them them out Kandyzland & Lust4Leese. They are from the minds of ur classiest, flyest Roaches/Rats you will ever see lmao. They are funny, extreme & real & if you love my shit you'll love theirs as well!


The Hott Chick [Tahiry Edition]

No Ellen Degen, but she is hot!! But most of all she seems like a cool chick! I admire women who are pretty but not stuck up and most of all stupid. Watchin Joe Budden TV [one of my fav. rappers I used to have a mad crush on him one of the only ppl I know to actually buy his first album when it came out, p.s. his new shit [Padded Room] is poppin too!!] But anyway not only does she have the biggest ass I have ever seen on a Latina, she is funny and seems really down to earth. She is trying her hardest to move away from just bein Joe Budden's wifey & Fabolous's Ex! Good luck to her, she has been over due. Her & Joe, however, are such a cute lil couple becuz it seems real and not just for the cameras, I can see them really actin this way on a any given day. Real Women are themselves and she is cool becuz she acts herself! Kudos to Joe she is way better than Gloria Valdez[i think thats her last name lolz]...

Funny Fridays!

I love to laugh more than anything! [well maybe gettin sex and money tops that] but, I laughing makes me feel good. If you know me you know im mostly smilin or laughin like 95% of the time, cuz ima funny random silly chick at times. Sooo, im startin somethin new..Funny Fridays with a old school or new school clip i find funny. Mainly standup since I love to watch stand up, but anything worth a chuckle is up for grabs. So to start off, here is a clip of one my favorite comedian Chris Rock....

"Fee Fii Fo Figga, Boy I hate a Nigga"


Happy [New Age] Day!

Happy 21st Birthday to none other than J [to the muthafuckin] S!! My bro for life till it all falls down and more some!! I love you Dude! Ive been here since the beginnin when you had the fresh curls. When you used to wear Sean John, Roca Wear & Phat Farm lolz. When you rode the school bus & had a huge backpack! Ill be there till the end of time! Ill be there when you finally get ur rims. When you learn how to drive safe & not almost kill us everytime we ride oin ur car. When you cut your indian weave lmao. When your head is covered in grey hairs! Ill be there when Kay.Jay.Nay stops tryin to sexually harrass you! When you figure out wat you really wana do in life. When you keep a job you actually like. When you graduate from CSUN. When you get married have babies. When you are FULLY independent! && Ill never stop being there when you talk all your shit. When you make me laugh like no other human on earth. When your always the flyest guy wherever you are! When you never fully accept the random shit i say or do! Let these bitches kno who was the first to call you by ur initials and who fully appreciates the Goo Hur! You are one of my besties & Im happy ur my friend!


ATTN. Whore!

Okay call me a "hater" if you want but I cant sit back and accept this new "do" like everyone else thinkin its the shit! The motives behind the cut is wat bothers me mostly becuz of who she is & wat little info I already kno about her. If you have any sense you wud know that she did this for fuckin publicity && nothin more, not cuz she is a trendsetter, but becuz she has no other options! WAT THE EFF Cassie!?! U really are beggin for ppl to look at u and be like oh yea I REMEMBER her! Cuz trust me ppl forgot! Im not a fan of ppl that have to do EXTRAS for ppl to notice them, like be you & who gives a fuck! Like Im not buyin that Cassie is really a rocker chick! No hunnie ur a pretty girl tryin to be different but just lookin like a damn fool! Just imagine if someone like Amerie cut her hair like this, you wud be like "get the fuck outta here" becuz u know that this cut goes wit nothin that she does. This style doesnt look trendy at all or inspiring! Wat it looks like is she got gum in her hair and had to cut it off or has to get brain surgery on the right side of her head! Cassie is a gorgeous girl unfortunately wit no talent [I feel she shud stick to modeling] so she has to do somethin crazy for ppl to be like "Damn she cool!" WOMP! No ur not cool, ur jus craving for attention becuz u kno ppl are gona say sum shit! She or the ppl around her [shame on them] were like "Hey, Kelis cut her hair different, Rihanna stole Kelis hair && made it big, Keyshia Cole cut && dyed her hair, Kanye's new wifey cut all her hair off && everyone loves them now cuz they were nobodies before, maybe you shud too!" This isnt effortless style this shit was a horribly executed plan that had good intentions but Im sorry Cassie, ppl arent gona forget that u can't sing or dance becuz u cut ur hair retarted. Maybe if it was styled better I wudnt say anything or maybe if it fit her but becuz it looks unfinished I have to say, Cassie you wasted your time!


SMH Momment: ALL Homo Edition!

I saw this and all I cud do was shake my head and pray that there was a lady in the room sumwhere! WTF? There is no reason nooo reason why two men shud be dancin to Pretty Ricky together in a super small ass room wit no sheets on the bed?? I wana know who thought of this shit like "Ayo my man, lets make a Pretend stripper video! That be hott as fuck!" Oh OMGeez, like you really can't say no homo to this cuz its ALL HOMO!!

Red Is The Color Ooo Wee!!

I have to say that I am a huge fan of Electrik Red! I love their whole thing they got goin on their style and their music is poppin. Im feelin the edge with the ijdgaf girl power swagg they got! I had to dedicate post to them cuz in my eyes they're good cuz i can relate to their lyrics && they are entertainin. They arent the best singers but itll pass their dancin makes up for it! I think they are bringin somethin different to wat is defined as a girl group, like a 2009 reinvented TLC mixed wit Kelis. After hearin alot of their songs && seein them perform I cant wait to get the album!

How fly is this video [My Fav!]

Electrik Red Featuring The Dream "Drink In My Cup"


Muchas Chicas!

Every Girl [Video]

[I love anything Drizzy, but I have to be honest this song is starting to get on my nerves lolz]

Dizzy Mania!!

Okay, first Shout out to E dot Dizzy! Homie asked for support and Im more than happy to help out any person on the grind trying to get theres, First Hunnie I have to say Im sorry about the delay [You already knew bout my laptop issues, but I got you now!] Soooo, Ima super Hip Hop head for sure I love all types of music but most of all I love CONTENT that is fire! And this dude is Farenheit 911 right now! Not only does he have one of the best blogs on the blogspot [], he is killin me wit this mixtape! But don't just take my word for it travel to utopia yourself...

Lil Bit Bout the Kid:
Name: Eric aka E Dot DizZy
From: Indianapolis Indiana reside in Atl
Age: 22
What do I do?: Produce, write, record, mix all of my own music. I do it allll!

"I was signed to Universal Motown Sept. 11 of 2008. Long story short, I
didn't like how the deal was inked out so I'm in the process of
leaving and doing things on my own. This is my first project after
leaving the label so you can only imagine, I'm trying to get as many
downloads as I can to see what I can actually do and show them that I
don't need them.

My expectations for this mixtape is high. REAAL HIGH! I'm trying to
reach EVERYONE! If you know anyone who does music or blog about music,
plug me in. If you know anyone who likes music, tell em to download

What My Ears Told Me:

Dizzy Presents a cool feel to mixtapes by delivering NO HOOKS on any songs, becoming the real Mr. Hot 16! && of course everyone wants a catchy hook to sing along too, but the way he flows is strong enuff to have the verses stand alone to even be hooks in their own right.

First off he is smart Like really Effin clever! He takes the interview from Biggies Ready To Die and accomodates it to his life:: "Nobody Influenced me Life Influenced me for the most part!" You had me at hello! And then he singing "Why are you Playinnn/You Know You Lovvvinn Meee/ Open Your Ears/ Its Meeee!" I could jus bump the Intro and be cool for the day!

Next he steals my heart rhyming over my Drizzy beats and Jigga beats! He rhymes over all my favorite beats and has a variety of old shit, new shit, R&B shit, nigga shit, ladie shit, actually giving you an album in mixtape packaging.

Favorite TKO Lines!:

"I know nobodys perfect/the world aint either/ so am I wrong for trying to be perfect?"

"My biggest fear is failure/ so any sign of failing and my mind goes rebellious"

"In the world full of non dreamers and non believers/ beware fellow dreamers/ they tryin to delete us"

"I never understood how people could just change/ Until I had to do it/ To remain the same"

"And I grew up/ A fuckin screw up/ So until you perfect/ you can't downplay on how I menuver/ Alright, Alright"

"How can I not stay in heat when Im the oven!"

"No Homo but I got old white guys on my mind"

"This mixtape aint got no bamboozlement!/ Im not a Bamboozler"

"You think that she an angel/but Homie she get nasty/ Her favorite qoute to say is "If you want it Dizzy ask me"

"Put it where my face be at/Yea you kno im nasty baby/ Im down for whatever shawty/ You aint gotta ask me baby!"

"I grind all night like I hate the sun"

Favorite Songs:

  • Sweet
  • Rehab
  • Runnin
  • Turnin Me On
  • Talkin Out Ya Neck
  • No Problem
  • Don't Stop
  • [Shit the whole damn CD lolz]

All together this is really impressive! Not every nigga can get my attention with a mixtape, but this surely raised eyebrows! It first off is in high quality. Lord knows I received low quality sounding mixtapes in my life. His creativity and word play is effortless and is unforced. I see bright beginnings in his future and Ill be one of the first to see him in shows and buy his album. He is definitely puttin Indiana on the map with this one. Dizzyana: No Hooks is that New New Shit you should get! SOMEONE PLEASE SIGN HIM PRONTO! [Wit a bomb ass deal this time!] Real recognizes real and Dizzy is lookin real familiar right now! Get on if your off && know sleepin is better done when your dead!

Dizzy Dizzy Dizzy Dizzy Dizzy UggggnnnnnnnHHH!!


Back Like I Never Left!

Okay fellow followers & passer byes I AM BACK! and very happy to return from my week hiatus! Spring Break was cool, life is always interesting when I go home to LA. Something always new comes in my life, a life changing moment [whether good or bad] always occurs. I met some new friends saw some old ones and went out alot, but also relaxed and chilled. Also I spent ALOT and I mean ALOT of money that I didn't have [all bad]. LA reassures how much I hate San Diego but at the same time shows me how much I appreciate the laid back life I have there. LA IS nothing && I mean NOTHING BUT DRAMA! Life is never sweet as pie there and San Diego I live drama free [i just have alot of responsibilities there]. Well in all I had a really good time. There are things that all of you can look forward too in the next few posts so stay tuned...

1. For Starters I must talk about Dizzy's new mixtape! I didn't have my laptop over the break to really get a chance to download the tape and that was crazy all bad cuz I wanted to do a review! So that will prolly be my next post.

2. I went to the I AM MUSIC tour and you are right I lost my damn mind when Drake performed I almost had a heart attack I was soooooooo excited. But my heart sank into my feet when my best friend's effin camera wanted to DIE right when he came on, The devil is a Hater! And my crappy ass camera was not havin it! But there are Lots of photos to come tho!

3. I have inspired ppl to write blogs so I will be debuting my Kay.Jay.Nay [if you look to the right in the piks under 'girls jus wana have fun', she is the girl who is gettin her ass kissed by sum dude who was all in my titties!] Blog! She is a WILD ONE, no holds bar type of chick! She is my Truest Bitch so I know that yall will enjoy her randomness!

4. I have no more Twitter problems! I have gotten accustomed to it and now Im addicted. My hate turned into love and now I see Twitter for its true beauty on the inside. Don't judge a book solely on its reviews, you gotta read it for yourself & I did & I got the hang of it! Thank you to all my new followers on twitter you guys inspire me to keep goin lolz. FOLLOW ME