Baby Daddy Status: Daniel Gibson Edition

All I can say is Dayyyuummm Boo!. I always knew he was a cutie, but when I saw him in these piks I was like "Yup, he can get it!" He looks alot different outside his work clothes. He usually look like that lil nigga runnig around on court wit LeBron, but now I have taken notice. Keyshia for the first time Im sayin I wish I were you hunnie, good fuckin look! Im kinda surprised she would date a youngin, but hey everyone needs a young boo now and again, && why not a Baller! P.S. those boots she is rockin are fierce, Get em Keysh!

[sidenote::] Um I hope this is a first date, I wana know why he bought her those cheap ass Hallmark gifts. Can a bitch get at least a dozen of roses & a live puppy dog? lolz