Dayum!! She got her ass


My name is Kam♥I a school girl[SDSU]♥I love music♥I love the LIFE [yea ima d-girl]j/k lolz♥I love sour patch kids♥I love to kiss♥I love my besties♥I love my Hunnie Bunnie[kisses to him]♥I love lil doggies♥I love hearts♥I love my FUTURE[ckuz its bright as fuck!]♥I love MONEY [im married to it]♥I love my Lil' Juelz Santana [my lil bro is my heart]♥I love MYSELF the most[even tho we fight sumtimes haha]♥Im my bestfren ckuz I am the only one who really understands me♥ I love Snoopy [like he is the ckoolest ever]♥ I love that Im a Virgo ckuz all the greats are Virgos[Nas, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, shall I say more]♥I love Drake[jus how dope is he??]♥I love Kimora Lee [shes a bad bitch!]♥But i hate Baby Phat clothes & the rest of them urban lines[lolz]♥I like music that means sumthin♥I use nigga technology[G1]♥I am loving and sweet and kind but dont ckross me bitch!![you dont wana meet my darkside]♥I love laughter & stand up comedy♥I love Fashion [i was born into it]♥I like people that make me feel good♥I like blood and oozing guts♥I love Naked juice♥I hate squirles [ewww they have raybeees]♥I love hard liqour to ease the fun!!♥I love bubble baths in really big tubs♥ I love gettin my hair & nails done♥I love water♥I love sexual relations♥I love self mutalation in artistical fashion[tats & piercings]♥I love being Pretty♥I love my big titties [lolz]♥I love Gangsta shit♥I love Good Guys wit swagg [ill take a Hood Nigga for that good Jugge tho]♥I like funny guys♥I like guys who buy me shoes not flowers♥I dont have a favorite color♥I like smart ppl♥I love girly pretty things♥I love the way LOVE feels♥Also its not love if it hurts[it shud be challengin not painful]♥I love feelin sexy♥I love basketball♥Just now getting used to football♥I love playin Wii wit my grandparents♥I obsess over reality TV♥The only channels i need to survive[MTV-BET-VH1-TRUTV-BRAVO]♥I have a million guilty pleasure♥I love quesadillas & orange chicken♥I dont know how to skate or double dutch♥I know all the lines to every Fresh Prince of Bel Air Episode & The Wayans Bros♥When I was in junior high I used to tape videos & learned the dances♥I think outside myself [get it?...ask if u dont]♥10,000 things are always on my mind at once [I cherish the rare moments when I have nothing on my mind]♥I ckan admit ive done bad things♥But learning from them are the best!♥Ive had my heart broken & broken sum hearts too♥I love my life the best I ckan and I try the best to be a great me!!♥I hate fakies[so ckum real]♥But there is so much more to me so you will have to pay for the rest!!♥ TOOTLES♥

Day N' Nite!

I [effin] LOVE This Dude
[so glad he made another video for this song the other version is wiggity wack]

Just Cuz I Act This Way Does Not Make Me a Whore!!

I guess this is what getting kicked out a group brings!

Ex-Danity Kane member Aubrey O'day has now jump started her solo career with a spred in Playboy and now is the woman she has always wanted to be! A total hoe-bag!

Is it safe to say now how big a of a slut Aubrey is? I mean come on she will do anybody...a man....a woman... a midget...a Rosie O'Donald?? You just can't be serious! I think even tho she brought edge to Danity Kane, I still think the image she gave off for the group wasn't the best. She a grown woman and can do what she wants, however, she fucked it up for everyone! And what I don't understand is how women who put themselves in compromising situations or present themselves in a promiscuous way acts as if they are Suzie Homemaker! Well let me not hate on her too bad, her photos were whore light at least! But still, I wouldn't want her to mentor my daughter! lolz

Pop, Lock & Drop It!!

Im definitely not a watcher of Dancing With the Stars but I think I will be come March 9th!! Why you ask because Lil Kim, will be two stepping the meringue on the show. Im a huge Lil Kim fan [for her music of course], but im not sure if Im really ready to see this chick bust a moove. Well Im not gona shoot her down yet until i see for myself, but honestly I hope she does well & wins. And please, I hope she doesn't do what the last Lil Kim did on the show:

A nice ass is a terrible thing to waste

A Moment in Black History!

Well it is Black History Month and unfortunately it is not celebrated like it used to be. I guess because people are tired of hearing bout the same Black people each and every year! Well here I am to bring a tribute to a woman many of us Black [well any race] can pay homage to,

Christina M. Jenkins
the inventor of Hair Weave!

Jenkins did weaves and taught her technique to cosmetologists at Christina's Hair-Weev Penthouse Salon in Shaker Heights until 1993. She also conducted training sessions in Europe.

She began researching ways to secure wigs and hairpieces while working for a wig manufacturer in Chicago in 1949. She continued developing what she called the Hairweev process after moving to Malvern, near Canton.

In the early 1950s, after receiving her patent, she set up Christina Jenkins' Hair-Weev Academy in Cleveland.

The Louisiana native, whose maiden name was Thomas, graduated with a bachelor's degree in science from Leland College near Baton Rouge, La., in 1943. That same year, she married Herman "Duke" Jenkins, who became a popular jazz pianist in Cleveland.[]

This phenomenal woman who I personally praise Hallelujah to for the invention of a lifetime which have saved many looks around the globe! Just imagine some of your fellow celebrities with out a weave!!

Oh the Horror

Black women everywhere know how greatly a good weave can impact anyone's appearance. A weave shouldn't make the woman but someone surely owe it alot of credit!! Jenkins passed away a few years ago at 82 years old, but because of her many women, including myself at times, get to look like divas! Thank you for your contribution to Black History! May your legacy live on!

We Have All Felt This!

Im absolutely in Love with Adele she is so great!! Her voice is so soothing and you feel all her words. She is like a British Chrisette Michelle or Amy Winehouse [with out the crack]! Im glad she one best new artist, even though I wouldn't had minded if my girl Jazmine Sulivan won!

This is my favorite song of hers:

[Bah Humbug, Love Stinks =/]


If you know me then you that I fantasize about being P. Diddy when I grow up! I'm in love with his power his swagg is beyond swagg its, its.....its not even in my thought process yet! lmao! But anyway... Diddy confuses me when he tries to be a rapper tho, im mean he knows how to make a hit I can say that, but so can Soulja Boy [get my drift].... Maybe he feels my pain this time around cuz Diddy is cumn out with another album hopefully one good enough for purchasing ^_^ ! [cross fingaz]
This time around he received the fax that was mas sent out to every rapper that [SINGIN GET SALES] cuz he is humming away on this one! Sort of reminiscent to a Chicago rapper/producer who picture is below in a previous post! But Diddy is the King of the remix so maybe its different:

"It's a profound love story, man," Sean Combs told MTV News Wednesday night via phone from L.A. "It's about this tumultuous love roller-coaster relationship that occurs. It's everything from love, pain, sex, God, celebration. It's a lot of things rolled into one. It's a conceptual album.

"One of the things I wanna give you that's not out there yet is that it's not me as a solo artist," Diddy added. "It's a group I put together; myself and two girls. Two young ladies, you may know them or you may not. It's almost like some back-in-the-day Loose Ends-type sh--. We're going to be telling the story of Last Train to Paris."

Is he trying to say the rest of Danity Kane is in the group?? It would make sence right? They aint got shit to do... they should call it Diddy Kane or Danity Diddy or Diddy Child or Diddy & them 2 bitches hahaha idk

Furthermore, Last Train to Paris seems so complex it should be turned into a book. Like his discription is too much, how in the hell are you gona fit all that shit into an album exipit A:

"I'm infatuated with her, really blown away," Diddy said. "We wind up spending the night together. I never get her name. When I wake up, she's gone. A couple of months go by, and I bump into her again on tour overseas. We get together, and she's attached to my hip. For three months! She's on my hip for three months. I tell her to come to New York, Miami, all the places where I get it poppin', where I really do sh--. You know how men pop sh--, like men do sometimes when they're trying to make a woman fall in love."

As the story unfolds, Diddy and his love have a misunderstanding and separate.

"She just breaks out on a n---a," Combs revealed. "But an absence makes the heart grow fonder. She's singing to me; I'm performing to her. We're in two different parts of the world. She's remembering all the good times, and I'm thinking about if I had another chance, I wouldn't f--- it up. So, I go on tour and I'm in London. I get a tip that she's in Paris, and it's 9:45 p.m. or something. It's one of the foggiest days in London, so I can't take my plane. I can't drive, the road is shut down. The only way I can get there is the last train to Paris, and it leaves in 20 minutes and I'm 15 minutes away. It's that whole intensity of what happens on the train ride — and will she be there when I get there — is something else you'll hear."

[And Ill spare your for now cuz the nigga still explains the damn story which will later be turned into a movie! Oh Diddy Oh Diddy, whats inside that lil mind of yours]

\\ & you heard it from the queen herslf.....

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