Farfetched Prefered

So yesterday I seen the critically acclaimed Good Hair by Chris Rock,, I learned some things as well as laughed at things I knew. It was interested and funny,, but also made you think. One thing that stook out to me, besides the fact that Black people don't own the Black hair business themselves ___*blank stare*___, was the desire Black men have to really run their fingers in a womans hair as much as he wants to lick on and rub on some b ig titties and ass. I always felt hair was more important to a man than he led on, but what I couldn't wrap my mind around was the fact some Black men date women outside their race just to satisfy this need.Really?? That's why you wanna date a white woman over a black woman cause here hair hangs down her back and you can run your hands through it and pull it like a leash [side eye]?? as I was walking out the theater I noticed a Black man and a white woman with long hair coming in and jokingly told my friend "Are you with her for her hair??" Cause I know its not for those lil titties and flat ass.
Im not against interracial dating,, in that case I wouldn't be here. By all means be with who you want to be with,,but Im not for people getting with people for stereotypical reasons, even for people within their own race. For example, "I only date white women cause black women too loud or they dont wear their real hair." or "I only date Black women who are ugly cause they are low maintanace." Yes, I heard that bullshit. Yea I feel you should have preferences there is nothing wrong with that,, but those preferences should be morally and value based and not superficial, such as not dating a woman or man who is crazy or has a million baby mamas and daddies, not cause they hair don't reach pass they ass cheeks,, which has to be real and lays gently past the Buffy the Body shaped ass and super small waist,, and can suck and fuck like a porn star but a be a virgin,, and smart as Oprah. And its not just men women make crazy preferences as well,,a hem, he has to be balling and rolling on 22"s or higher and can pay all my bill, sex me and eat it good,, and be a father to the kids that aint his etc. you get the picture.
I just couldn't believe that the men in the movie said thats the reason they date white women because they can play in their hair. To me thats a dumb reason if thats the only reason. Furthermore, You shouldn't be with anyone based on a superficial reason,, a foundation that can be lost at any given moment. That lil comment made in the movie opened my eyes to something interesting and bigger because thats when dating interracially goes wrong. I know this doesn't apply to everyone,, but if it does loneliness may be your final destination. Black male readers let me know whats up is this the case or was the movie a lil far fetched with that analogy.