Baby Daddy Status: Omari Hardwick Edition

More Like Marriage Status cuz I wana wife that! lolz Do you see the beauty in this fine ass specimen of a thug right here GEEEEZZZ---UUSSS!! I recently seen Next Day Air and was suprised at how wet I got after watchin this man on screen. Damn he is fine. If yall wana know my type here it is. This is the man I wana marry, haha. Plus his acting skills are pretty good and he played his role well. He will definitely get me comin to see all his movies from now on IDC if he does jus a voice over for a cartoon, he is gettin my supposrt. Even though I never heard of his priors, Im bout to go watch them just so I can get some more eye candy. I can't wait till Next Day Air comes on DVD so I can see him in high def all the time.

For Every Action Theres A Reaction

So me and my Lil Juelz Santana [lil bro] were bored outta our minds and decided to look at gross shit on the internet. So we mad reaction videos to the new 2 Guys 1 Horse and 1 Guy 1 Screwdriver videos and boy are they funny. Before you guys ever get a chance to see those videos I am warning you they are disturbing and will fuck up ur whole mood for the rest of the day, just fyi.

BTW Please ignore my wild sweated out hair! I dont always look like that lolz

1 Guy 1 Screwdriver

2 Guys 1 Horse