Single Is The New Relationship!!

I am single and remarkably its a great feeling!! I never thought I would be so secure in being alone. A few post ago I elaborated on why I was single and how Im trying to cope with it. But now it feels great and I should have had this feeling a long time ago. I should have not been so worried about being with someone or trying to find the love of my life for the past 6 years!! Im only 21 and not 41 my love life isnt over it may just be beginning. Ive been through alot though to make me start feeling a little bitter, but in some case I do still have hope. But, the single feeling has turned from being bitter to being relieved, Im feel free like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and im able to just live. Yes there are still people trying to obtain my attention as always, i learned that men will and can always be obtainable, they aint going anywhere. So when I want them I can have them but right now I rather be alone. It feels so great to just wake up and not have to plan my day according in trying to accomodate some other persons plans with mine, or having to reply to a text, aim, or gtalk message if I don't want to, i dont check back with anyone, or feel bad if I dont want to come over. Wat The Eff for!! Im not anyones girlfriend and that is what finally what sank in!! I dont have to make anyone a priority who makes me an option. Being single is great because you make your own rules.
I was one of those girls who always did whatever it took to make sure "my man" was straight when all I was doing was waiting in line to hopefully get picked!! Some I did some I didnt but what it assured that Im putting myself out there in hopes of being someones everything to men who deserved nothing. Being with someone who really cares about you is a great feeling but I realized that being with someone you lowkey lose apart of you, your freedom to live. Ball and chain analogy is true even when you are fully in love. Im honestly not ready to give this new found freedom up. I embraced the best parts of being single and Im using it to my advantage till I feel I have found the right guy I want to give it up for. People dont be afraid of being single, its probably the best time of your life, you figure out what your really want and who you really are. Im preparing myself for my ultimate partner, Im cleansing my soul by spending quality time with me and being able to understand why those other relationships didn't work, If you are never alone you can never fully appreciate being with someone. So if you are alone, live it, learn it, love it.