Baby Daddy Status: Omari Hardwick Edition

More Like Marriage Status cuz I wana wife that! lolz Do you see the beauty in this fine ass specimen of a thug right here GEEEEZZZ---UUSSS!! I recently seen Next Day Air and was suprised at how wet I got after watchin this man on screen. Damn he is fine. If yall wana know my type here it is. This is the man I wana marry, haha. Plus his acting skills are pretty good and he played his role well. He will definitely get me comin to see all his movies from now on IDC if he does jus a voice over for a cartoon, he is gettin my supposrt. Even though I never heard of his priors, Im bout to go watch them just so I can get some more eye candy. I can't wait till Next Day Air comes on DVD so I can see him in high def all the time.

For Every Action Theres A Reaction

So me and my Lil Juelz Santana [lil bro] were bored outta our minds and decided to look at gross shit on the internet. So we mad reaction videos to the new 2 Guys 1 Horse and 1 Guy 1 Screwdriver videos and boy are they funny. Before you guys ever get a chance to see those videos I am warning you they are disturbing and will fuck up ur whole mood for the rest of the day, just fyi.

BTW Please ignore my wild sweated out hair! I dont always look like that lolz

1 Guy 1 Screwdriver

2 Guys 1 Horse


Funny Fridays!

This has to be one of the funniest things because the baby looks super real and all the movements match!


Baby Daddy Status: Daniel Gibson Edition

All I can say is Dayyyuummm Boo!. I always knew he was a cutie, but when I saw him in these piks I was like "Yup, he can get it!" He looks alot different outside his work clothes. He usually look like that lil nigga runnig around on court wit LeBron, but now I have taken notice. Keyshia for the first time Im sayin I wish I were you hunnie, good fuckin look! Im kinda surprised she would date a youngin, but hey everyone needs a young boo now and again, && why not a Baller! P.S. those boots she is rockin are fierce, Get em Keysh!

[sidenote::] Um I hope this is a first date, I wana know why he bought her those cheap ass Hallmark gifts. Can a bitch get at least a dozen of roses & a live puppy dog? lolz


He Can Write For Himself & Others!

Drake makes me smile! His humility is superb & I hope that doesn't change! Ill never stop loving him.

&& On the note of writing, I feel a real artist put time and effort into their craft especially if it makes them money. So you are not impressing me if you can make a song and say you didn't write it down or it took you a week to make your album. For example, Lil' Wayne needs to start pickin up pen and pads because as much as we think we love his shit, can we really say that nigga be talking bout anything? Lil' Wayne is a punch line rapper, but not one for telling stories, Im yet to hear him tell a story on a song. That is a lyricist to me, a rapper who can paint a picture with words as if your listenin to spoke word. I like Wayne for what he gives but that is about it, he isn't up their with societies greats such as Tupac, Biggie, Jay, Nas, Eminem etc. because they tell stories. They may give u a club joint here and there or throw you the basic hip hop remedy [Money, Hoes, Clothes, & Cars] but for the most part they bring you a place. I love Drake because him like alot of really great rappers these days [Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Wale, Charles Hamilton, Joe Budden, Kid Cudi, Common etc.] strive to bring you to that place by telling you dynamic stories. I feel a real true rapper is a storyteller and what bugs me is that real Hip Hop doesn't play on the radio and real Hip Hop isnt marketed correctly. We are all so caught up in beats and punch lines we lack substance. If being a true rapper meant having a good flow then anyone can be a great rapper, look at Bow Wow, his flow is nice but he by far isnt great. Or if being a great rapper meant being popular then Soulja Boy would hold the torch. I think what Drake was tryin to say is that just because you have a gimmick to you doesn't mean you are the best and if you don't produce the best work behind your gimmick its useless and your wasting your time. Not everyone can produce hot work without writing it down. And to this day I think the best person to have done that is Biggie, [Jay-Z is the only one who is close]. I guess what Im saying is as a fan of Hip Hop it should be more about quality than anything else, write what you know, write what makes sense not just always what makes cents.

Feel Like Kickin Myself In The Vag!!

Oh Em Gee!! Procrastination is gona kill me. Its a disorder I am suffering from and I really need to be check out. Like serious, is there a such thing as Chronic Procrastination Syndrome?? Ima have to Google that. But im so pissed off at myself that I felt the need to write about it. Almost like screamin. This is a straight vent session so bear with me.

First) I am beyond due with finding a damn job. I have offers for internships, but Im jus chillin likethey are gona walk on my door step and carry me to the office. Im so used to always getting the jobs I apply for, so I guess in my mind Im like "Your gonna get it girl, don't trip!" Uhhra no boo boo, get it 2 gether hunnie u may not get it then ur gona be lookin hella stupid when u are stuck in the house all summer with nothing to damn do. I really want a PAID internship cuz Im try to stack cheese so I can move out my Grandmother's house if my Father is living there, I gotta go. Me & him don't see Eye to Eye on about anything & he has really some nerve in his pocket to ever step to me and try to tell me what to do. Like Nigga, Im doing way better now in my 21 years of living then your whole life and dreams combined. But he is a totally a different lost cause that I don't feel like getting into.

Second) The reason I have been soo lazy to find a job is cause of my unpolished ass resume. Its cool for what it is I need to do some editing, But im waaaaaayy past due to going to Career Services to let them look at it. Plus this is my last week of school & everyone I wana see is bout to go on vacation for the summer and are booked up with appointments and such.

Third) Letters of recommendation need to be typed and I have contacted some teachers and staff who said they will write one for me but they also said, "Hey,, just shoot me an email to remind me and Ill write them for you." Uggh there is no draft in my compose box being written for any of them. Plus I have to track down a couple of my teachers from the past who said they would years ago, to see if they still even rememeber who the fuck I am.

Fourth) I have finals this week, I have already take two, felt like i did good. But, that was last week. I had all weekend and yesterday to study for my last test which will be 2maro at 1pm, when really I should be taking it Thursday at 10:30 am, but because I have to go to gradution rehearsal, I have to take it early. WHOMP! But i guees my mind is stuck think I have to take it on Thursday, mind you this may be the hardest test I take of my carreer in school and may as well dictate if i get my Diploma or not. WTF! Am I doing so I just have today and till 1pm tomorrow to study for this damn test. Oh let me also explain, Im the QUEEN of craming Ive done it all my life and it has gotten me this far I guess. Since 6th grade I have done my homework at school the day it was due and never at home where it needs to be. I have waited to write every paper of my life the night before and studied for every test the night before. So I guess I get overwhelmed when I get alot of time on my hands. And I guess I work better under pressure but I hate having to. The one thing I hate most is when I really get it crckin in my work, and feel stupid when I say " Damn, look how much/ far I would have been if I started doin this shit days before!!"

Fifth) Im forgetting Im no longer going to be a student and all the Free.99 shit I got while I was a Student at San Diego State will no longer be available to me. Its included in our fees to go to Student Health Services any time we like for any damn thing. And it is the nices facility I have ever been in in my life. I have to have my annual check up and my ass missed my first appointment because I forgot to go and they were calling me back a grip of times to reschedule and I never called back, Till this morning to have them tell me "Sorry we are booked up till May 29th and your doctor leaves in June, oh and once May 27th hits it will be Summer Session and if you are not enrolled in summer courses you have to pay $15 a visit." WTF, I just had to wait forever to do shit didn't I.

Sixth) I have been screaming about getting my tickets to go see Drake on Friday and that almost slipped out my hands because I took for ever to give my homeboy the money. Hopefully, he can still get my tickets. If not ima shoot someone.

Seventh) I overdrafted my account from paying my rent with no money in the bank [Such a smarty pants Kam!!] My landlord takes forever to cash checks so Im like Im cool cuz last month he didn't cash the checks till like this month and shit. So im like Ima just write the check and when I get the money from my other account just tranfer payments. Mind you I got the money almost immediately as I submitted the check maybe a couple days after that my landlord wants to cash the check. Like now when I have no money you wana do shit on time and right after takin forever all year. So because I didn't transfer the money into the "rent" account from my "work" account [mind you they are with 2 different banks and that is why I waited, being to lazy to go to each bank] I now have to pay the bank back in fees, for 1) overdrafting 2) them payin for the rest of the money that I missed 3) For not paying them back within a certain amount of time so they add on $8 a day after for however long it takes you to pay them back. [FUCK YOU US BANK]

Eigth) Im graduating Sunday and it Tuesday and I still havent sent out one announcement to let people know "Hey Im graduating send me money!"

Ninth) I never did post about me going to see the Lil Wayne Concert and how I almost died when Drizzy came on stage & screamed out the eardrums of the 2 lil kids sitting in front of us and how I ran all the way down to the bottom to get a better look as if he was gona stage dive into the crowd. & how Electrik Red Was fucking up & everyone was like "Who the fuck are they". How I got tipsy off the margaritias we drank. How me and my best friend were the only ones who knew every Keri Hilson song besides "Turnin Me On" and how iritated we were with her Dime Diva pants and the fact she can't dance worth shit. How T-pain fucked up the mood my being his own one man band and how low budget his dancers and stage set up was, but how cool it was that he all he had to do is sing snippets of every song he was on to make a hot ass show. How sexy Travis from Gym Class Heroes is and how I know he was burnin up being dressed like he just came from New York in the winter time. How surprisingly short Lil Wayne is. How old Shannel [back up singer & she wrote prom queen] is in the face. How Kid Kids voice doesnt match his body at all. How young young money really is. How upset I was at how nervous Drizzy was on stage & how they flooded his voice with Bobby Valentino. How bomb it was that Wayne did all the hits even mixtape shit and old Wayne [The pockets hot the Pockets Hot Hot..insider]. And how everyone that was Black or Latino sat down when Prom Queen came on and every white person was super excited...hmmmmm. And how we were getting high off the contact of people smoking aorund. Was a bomb show plus we had bomb seats and bomb parking tooo.

Tenth) Im moving out of my apartment really soon [early June] and havent packed at all not even one thing...I got time right!?

With all that Im supposed to do or should have done or could have done. I can always say I get shit done. whether its late or not GOD make a way for me to get thing I need to do done. I may kick myself in the ass for taking forever to do it but I work it out and it gets done. Because Im such a procrastinator I live off of making multiple plans because I know it will take me 2 years to ever do Plan A on time. So with that being said hopefull I will get over being so lazy and do shit on fucking time!!


Drake Is Such A Good Samaritan!

As you can see, I love Drake No Lie, and have been for a very long time now, Im for sure not a newbie, but if you are more power to ya, better late than never. Current Drake isn't like old Drake, each mixtape he sounds different some people like the new one better than the old ones and vice versa. Me, I like everything. Thats neither here nor there, however, I want to know why he hasn't made a video for himself, but is helping everyone else out, ies this mess and Every Girl, and being in all Trey Songz videos. I haven't seen a solo video since Replacement Girl. And for this video here Why is he just singing the hook on his own shit for another rapper. Why isn't this Drake-Still Fly featuring whoever this guy is? I don't understand, but Drizzy was looking fly in this video tho. But Ima need him to understand that he needs to start doing shit for just himself cuz Im super getting impatient lolz, I know he has thise Best I Ever Had video coming out, but when will that be?? He feeds off our anticipation I think, thats why So Far Gone took forever to come out, and also why he isn't signed yet, and also his real CD Thank Me Later keeps getting new dates ugh, Aubrey lolz. It confuses me how far ahead his career is that its still behind.


Text A Movie!

I saw this and literally almost died of laughter. This has to be the funniest thing Ive seen all day, these videos are what Ive been thinkin all along. And the voices kill me.....

"This is comin from a bitch who has been rockin braids since birth"

"You had to fake a marriage, have a bastard child, start your our hairline & kill a bitch just to be relevant again"

"Ill even let you fuck my brother, tired ass hoe"

"At least Im known outside of my own city"

"First off hunnie I can see your roots again girl get some good tracks, your hair is a fool. Second do you know who the fuck I am, I was a cover girl before Destiny's Child wore the fucked up ass outfits."

"Oh well bitch I can't tell, every time I see you your falling off stage, you clumsy ass knot, && bitch please Im surpirsed you can fit those fat ass ankles in anything labeled"

"Brandy hunnie, Ima Cover Girl,do you know what that is, I can have a double chin if I want, Im still the number 1 bitch out there"

"I don't suffer from stage fright like your raspy voice ass"

"My tour is 6 million of yours combined,& I don't have to be an opening act. I am a worldwide superstar unlike you who is a local hoodrat."

"It took your lame ass three tries before you got a hit, now get the fuck outta my face. Bitch, you're done!"

"I know you are, you're Bee/Beyonce/Bey/Sasha Fierce . You have so many names I don't know which to choose. You're so lame with that whole alter ego bullshit"

"You ball headed whore who do you think you are, Ill knock the fuck outta you, Im from Atlanta bitch, I don't play with shit, now try me muthafucka."


Comeback Season

I love the show Tough Love, I wish it was made years ago for me, but hey Ill take it now. It is such a great show for women to learn about what men are really thinking about us when we are out here in the dating world. I didn't realize how hard finding the love of our lives really is when we have no solid foundation. Its important for you to love yourself before you can love anyone else but most importantly for someone to love you. Before the show but unfortunately these ladies didn't know that & learned to find out why they self sabotage their relationships. I believe there is someone for everyone. Even the wolfman got kids and a wife, so you can too.

The problem however I had with this show was how relationship challenged these beezies was. Like damn, you are gettin the chance to have a match maker hook you up and you fuck up each connection. Sometimes things just don't work, but they were so afraid of finding the right guy that they would do dumb things and make crazy excuses to not make it work and to not be with the guy. The season finale just wrapped up and I was so uber pissed with Jaclyn, the girl who wanted to get married by the age of 25. She had met an outstanding guy who was willing to love her, who was better than any guy she had ever met, who not only talk the talk but walked the walk, and she let him slip away because she was soo stuck on her ex boyfriend who didn't wana marry her till he saw her with someone else. Get the fuck outta here. See thats the problem with us women we get so caught up in the "used to" that we can't move on to the new. Finding healthy relationships are about doing what is right not what is challenging to the heart. Brock, the guy she met at boot camp, was fine as hell, plus was willing to give her the world and prolly give her marriage before 25, but this dumb hoe had to go to back to the ex, the main reason she was on the show in the first place.

Ladies, we need to realize homeboy was an ex for a reason, the comeback seems ok for the moment, but honsetly he is gona go back doing the same shit yall broke up for you know why because he ain't meant for you. Its super hard to not get over an ex, I should kno and honestly I need to read this post Im typing. I have fallin vicitim to the comeback. When the guy sees you are doing mighty well that when he wants to comeback and say he had something to do with your success, and Im not going to fault everyone becuz sometimes the comeback is genuine, he really found out that you are the one and you know what you prolly are the one, but he aint the one, and thats what we need to realize. If you have the opportunity to meet someone who is 20 times better than the last, don't let "hope" fuck you up in missing out on something bomb with the new guy because you want to rekindle a flame that keeps blowing out. Risks are supposed to be taken but don't be stupid, if you were offered a chance to win a million dollas by shooting a basketball into a hoop and had an the only option to dunk or do a lay up, don't be stupid and pick the dunk for so you can look like an allstar. Meaning don't make life harder on yourself just so you can feel like you accomplished something. He feels like an accomplishment because he was there first and his comeback feels like he finally realized you are what he has been missing, so in your mind you feel all your hard work has payed off. But, in the game of love you have still have the chance of both missing out on the million dollas whether you dunk or lay it in because you can miss on either try, especially if you know nothing about how to do either. So go for the more logical, easier way to fall in love and that is the love that is effortless, that doesn't strain your heart and doesnt require you to break a major sweat.

Real love also illiminates the "what ifs", meaning that person will never allow you to say what if it doesn't work, or what if he fucks up, what if he is like the rest, because once you feel it he will SHOW you that your lips doesn't even need to utter those words. Jaclyn was sayin "What if this is meant to be with my ex because now he wants to change." And she found out the hard way that he didn't change and went back to his old ways. Men show you right off the bat what they want and how they want it in their actions, men don't beat around the bush with their feeling like women do. So if a guy doesn't like you, you will know by the way he treats you and the things he says will correlate with one another. We [and I say we meaning me too] as women always try to make excuses for the mans feelins, when in all honesty he showed you. Women look more into the way a man treats you than what he says to you. Its easier to go off words because if you are a real person, your going to thing people are being the same with you but that isn't always the case. Think of it like this, you wouldn't let a woman treat you any ol' way so why let a man do it. You wouldn't let a women steer you wrong so don't let a man do it becuse they are just as human. There is someone out there to love all of us and he will come when we least expect it, but most importantly when we are the most ready.

Yes, Im Drizzy Obsessed!

I cant wait to see this man live, [again]!!

[Going to the San Bernadino Show May 22, by any means necessary!]

A Milli + 1

"Do What You Do, But Watch My Shoes!"

The bad bitches right here a 2 million dolores!! Most expensive shoes in the world.


I Got That Itis!!

So I said maybe about a million post ago that I would keep yall updated on my graduation journey and what Im gonna do when I graduate. Well....not much progress has been made since that post. Ill give me some credit I have talked to a few people here and there but my lazy ass has not been on it. IDK where my drive has gone, in high school I was on the effin ball people. I made sure my ass got in college and everything on time. I had super passion for wat I wanted to do, but because of the many challenges I have faced these past 4 years my dreams are starting to look cloudy. Im more scared than anything. For one reason is because everything I strived for and tried to get and make happen while I was in college failed, so I had to make a plan B and utilize it for everything. Im starting to feel the dreams I want are not wat God wants for me, either that or he is really making me work super hard to get there. Im like come on Jesus, Hook a sista up & give me a break!! I know the best of things are worth fighting for, but when I see other peoples lives jus fallin into place so easy [well maybe not easy cuz IDK wat they did to get to that point], but it just seems as though their dreams and journeys are matching their plans. I wish my life plans [wat God wants] matches wat I want and my biggest fear is that they wont.. Ima admit Im discouraged as fuck, shit it happens, everyone gets a lil flustered at times. I still have the drive enought to not give up, because I haven't even though Ive thought about it many of times. But I stopped and thought, "Kam, wat the hell are you gona do if u quit, be "normal" like the rest of the people you know?" and I would reply to myself sayin "Hells to the naw!" Wat keeps me goin is wat Ive been through, I look back and see all my struggles, all the bullshit, all the doors closed in my face, and think of all the times I opened another one. Im such a plan B type chick. If it don't work out this way I always immediately think of another way b4 I even do plan A, cuz 8 times outta 10 plan A don't ever work.[Maybe I should start makin plan B be plan A lolz]. But, it just hurts knowing that my life has been full of disappointments. but I guess that is just life. I hate going through shit. Ima stubborn person and yes I love the easy way out dammit cuz its easy, who wouldnt. Im not tryin to get the ticket to no where cuz everyone goes there. I wana go somewhere, somewhere where nobody goes, but where everyone would dream to be. And Im trying to get there on the hook up lolz.

I have senioritis right now. Actually Ive had it since I was a senior in high school and was never properly cured. Im just ready to be done with school for the fact Ive been doing this shit since I was 3 and dammit Im over this relationship! But, its all I know! All I know is school and if I had any type of money, I would stay in that shit [but, I gets no more Cal Grant or Scholarchips after 4years..womp!!]. But, I can say I have been blessed to have gone through this with out any loans. [My parents not bein there payed off in the end lolz]. But most importantly [somethin I fail to relize] is that I FUCKIN DID THE DAMN THANG!! I am a college graduate and did that shit right after high school in 4 years and alot of muthafuckas wont/cant say that shit but wud love to. I made it out with no babies or drug habits or super crazy in love relationships or any other major distraction that are thrown your way normally in a young womans life around this time try and stop her from finishing school. Even so, I have been through some challenges by fuckin far, but nothin too much that God didn't feel I couldn't handle and nothin too much to where he felt I needed. I graduate May 24th at 8am from San Diego State University with a Bachelours of Arts in Interdiciplinary Studies specializing in Communication, Journalism & Media Studies, & Sociology and I know for a fact it will not be in vain.

[Peep The Grad huh? I did my hair and make up myself cuz Im livin on a budget lolz]


I Need to Keep Up With The Kardashians!!

So it is an evident fact that the Kardashians love to keep interracial ballers in the fam bam!! && I aint mad atcha!! Do yo thang Khlo Khlo!

Say It Isn't So!!

NOOOOO! Not my favorite Hip Hop Hubby & Wifey. I know they aren't breaking up! I thought this was going to be forever. Didn't you?? They were so cute and their relationship seemed real and they weren't afraid to show that they loved each other. && they both were different and it worked out. I wonder wat the deal was. said it was over shady business deal, abuse [gasp ''o''], && cheating. People close to them sayin Kelis is shady and evil and Nas be talkin to her like a Pimp, But they still are madly in Love with each other. [For the record if people who are supposedly "close to you" tells your business befor you do, which happens most of the time with celebrity rumors, they do not need to have "close friend" status no more.] Wat a way to end shit when homegirl is 7months preggo sauce!! I need them to work it out. Thats wat I feel, I feel marriage is a journey of challenges and you are not going to find your perfect soulmate because the perfect person you want doesn't exist, however you shouldn't settle for just anyone, but if you make a commitment to be with someone for the rest of your life you need to weigh all the options and rock it out till the whells fall off. IDK them, so maybe they did try to work it out the best they could, but they need to realize their fairytale marriage boosted their carreers drastically. I feel they can stand alone with out one another, but I really liked seeing them together. I hope I never get a divorce it so stressful and to me a lil embarrasing. I hope and wish them nothing but the best for their relationship, whether together or apart I hope they are great parents to that lil bun in the oven.


The Devil Is A Hater!

Oh Hell To The Naw, Wat The Eff??

Funny Fridays!

Givin Honor to God!! Today Funny Fridays is going to church...I miss church I do go occasionally while Im out here in San Diego Ill usually go if my roommate goes, but I miss my church at home. I especially miss my grandpa church cuz its jus like this...aww the memories!! Im a kick it off with one of my fav. gospel jokes "The Lord is My Shepard && He know What I Want!!" [if you don't know watch Friday]