Oprah Ol' Hypocrite,,Opportune Ass Winfrey

As much as I love this woman for all her strides and obstacles she has overcome and how she is a role model to young African Americans on believing in yourself and following your dreams and being a money mogul bad bitch.... The bitch can get on my damn nerves!! Oprah is a fucking opportunist and only does shit that got money signs framed around it. Don't be fooled thinking this woman is doing shit and making statements for the kindness of her heart,, things don't get to ger unless money is attached and if it smells like gouda cheese then she throws away all of what she says and beomes a damn hypocryte.

Now for all of you schocked at what Im saying take a look at this damn photograph. She is pictured with rappers,, no matter how much credit is stored on their black cards,, they are still rappers and Oprah expresses her hate for Hip Hop,, but you over here dancing with Pharrell and Diddy like these niggas don't call bitches hoes and niggas niggas,, and I know by the looks of how much fun we are having in this picture,, Celine "My Heart Will Go On" Dion is not being played from the from the DJ booth. I hate how she try to say she don't like the N-Word but surely has actors and comedians on her show that use it regularly in their work,, but it took Jay-Z to marry Beyonce for you to get a real rapper on your show witha real interview. Don't even let me bring up you putting him on the show and not even letting Ludacris in the building to sit whith the cast of Crash,, which number 1 is not a Hip Hop film so in doing so,, all the questions you needed to ask Luda is about a movie not huis lyrics. That was fucked up Oprah!! But all because Ludacris doesn't hold Diddy money he couldn't be recognized when he was 1 of the only 4 black people in the whole damn film.

See Ms. Wrinfrey don't try to be no house nigga on me and dance around shit for these white folks,, cause I know what you're up to. See you only do things that make you "look the part" you do things that will only make you look like you so down for the black community,, but only the black community that will give you money. For example,, its a million young kids in America that needed a school right in the heart of Chicago,, but Oprah had to go to Africa for it to make headlines. Now I appreciate her for the all girls school in Africa,, but when I learned you had to be a super duper African girl to go,, I was like Oh Hell No!! She does things for people however there is always a `but` to her madness. She will be the type to be like `ill help you,, but what will this do for me.`

I do love you Oprah in certain circumstances,, but just like with every love relationship there is still some hate I can still call your ass out if I feel you ding some shady shit,, that goes for everyone I adore friend, fam, or celeb.