Im In That Thang!!

Who is going to Watch The Throne???

I AM BITCHES!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! I'm so excited I'm already plotting my outfit and deciding if im going to come into work that day! I almost wasn't going to go the tickets were ridiculously priced and  before I got to really even look for the tickets they were sold out. But, Jay an Ye must have felt like "aint no party if Kam isn't there" lol and added a last minute extra show to Los Angeles visit. I was late on that as well when a friend told me about it while we were in the club. So Im sitting in the club credit card ready on my cell phone trying to buy tickets and to my luck they shut the buying process down. Why when i got home at 3am I stalked them tickets till a good 6am till they opened it back up and got my hands on the ticket which was almost sold out any way. God was gracious.

My friend was gona go with me until she told me she couldn't afford them, so unfortunately Ill be going solo dolo :( ; but Im sorry this is an opprotunity I can't pass up Im a HUGE Jay-Z fan and I never been to a Kanye concert. Ive been to my first Drake concert alone and it worked to my advantage so maybe this will be a good thing. I have fun wherever I go so Ima have a Ball. So on Tuesday, December 13, 2011, Im gona watch and hear to the throne and Im so excited YAAYYYY. Last year me and my best friend went to see the Blueprint 3 Tour and we had so much fun with these guys that sat next to us they were dancing with me and everything. i hope I sit next to cool people. If you are going as well and you see me say hello so we can party together :).