Happy New Age Day!!

Happy Birthday to Me!!!
Yes It's my birthday my loves and I am now 23 years beautiful and I'm so blessed to be reaching another year. Since my 22md birthday so many changes have occured within my life,, so many things I learned about friendships and the `real world` and most importantly myself. I am growing into a beautiful woman who is not perfect and can accept my flaws in only trying to perfect them the best I can. I am learning from my mistakes and moving forward. One thing I have learned that I am proud of myself is my faith level,, my  faith haven't been this strong in all of my life for some reason I have learned to start putting the past in the past and accepting the things I can't change. Im learning to trust God's plan even when I have no understanding of it. There are current challenges that I am facing and its been very hard to work through them or to understand them,, but I am trying my hardest to decipher the lesson and continue on in my life. I am also learning to accept myself and to get gain further love for me and to remove the insecurities I am struggling with.I have so much to do with my life and I am excited for my purpose to reveal itself and for me to savor in all its rewards.