The Hott Chick: Miley Cyrus Edition

This lil bitch done got grown!! And I like it actually! I eas a lil skeptical at first,, Im like Miley need to go sit her ass down somewhere before she get pregnant. She got a boyfriend who is like four years older than her and she showing bare backs and cleavage,, we have lost Americas Sweetheart! Where is Hannah Montana?? But I guess just like every child star they have to grow up and I don't think this video is as bad as they are making it out to be,, she isn't naked or rolling around in dirt and water dripping down her body or humping the ground. I think this video is giving off just enough sexy,, it may still be a lil risky because she is still a minor. But,, i like Miley Cyrus i think she is cute and I would do the shit outta her boyfriend lmao


This song is my shit!! How many of you have been single for the night!? I know I have! Everytime a guy Im talking to or even with gets on my nerves,, fucks up or tries to play me,, it forces me to say fuck you and move on to the next,, one of the reason I always have a backup...May not be right but hey,, its life!

*Side note*= Jesus can I please get a booty like that white girl in the video!!? I promise Ill be good!