SMH Momment: ALL Homo Edition!

I saw this and all I cud do was shake my head and pray that there was a lady in the room sumwhere! WTF? There is no reason nooo reason why two men shud be dancin to Pretty Ricky together in a super small ass room wit no sheets on the bed?? I wana know who thought of this shit like "Ayo my man, lets make a Pretend stripper video! That be hott as fuck!" Oh OMGeez, like you really can't say no homo to this cuz its ALL HOMO!!

Red Is The Color Ooo Wee!!

I have to say that I am a huge fan of Electrik Red! I love their whole thing they got goin on their style and their music is poppin. Im feelin the edge with the ijdgaf girl power swagg they got! I had to dedicate post to them cuz in my eyes they're good cuz i can relate to their lyrics && they are entertainin. They arent the best singers but itll pass their dancin makes up for it! I think they are bringin somethin different to wat is defined as a girl group, like a 2009 reinvented TLC mixed wit Kelis. After hearin alot of their songs && seein them perform I cant wait to get the album!

How fly is this video [My Fav!]

Electrik Red Featuring The Dream "Drink In My Cup"