New Videos [part deux]

Dream-She Rocking That Shit [Remix]

Every Dream video is Effin the same!! Like hello can we get more than a Effin white background and bitches dancing!! Sheesh! But I do have to say Juelz Santana was looking mighty nice and very grown I should add, also it looks like he has been working out!

Dream ft. Mariah Carey- My Love

Ok RANDOM ass collabo! Plus was this video an attempt to make Mariah look more 'black' cuz she just came off as looking like a ghetto white girl or a blonde chicana or something. Sorry, I wasn't buying it! And how fake was the fight they had in the beginning! Dream has what I call the "Tweet Complex" [tw-eet co mp-Le-cKs:: R&B Singer Tweet never looks like the same person in any situation]&& It bothers me everytime I see him! I can't really grasp what he really looks like idk if he is cute or not to tell u the truth! So Im guessing Dream save us all the trouble and just keep your glasses on!

Se7en ft. Lil Kim- Girls

Now Ima be honest I feel I was tricked or bamboozled into watching this video because I thought Se7en meant 7even the one who produces for Ashanti and now Donnie Clang(womp on his ass) Furthermore, I press play and who is it but lil Bruce Lee! It caught my attention tho because I was not expecting this, plus I started to feel the song. My concern is for that poor child Lil' Kim tho idk what look she is going for, looks something like a Michael Jackson/Catwoman thing IDK!!

Kid Cudi-Superboo

Okay Soooo I Spy wit my Little Eye...A couple Asian girls, A couple Latin girls && ONE mixed black girl!!? I guess Mr. Mescudi has no love for the dark skin sistas huh! Well, hey I guess its his video his preference but we coulda had more chocolate in this video! If your gona show love for women show love for all shades of women! But i guess all women can't be his Super Boo! =/

Keri Hilson-Make Love

So thats its!! Wat the hell! Where is the rest of the video?? I guess it was good while it lasted tho! Plus, IDK if I like the thought of Kanye having sex with Keri Hilson or Anyone for that matter! He is sexy in his own kinda way but for this type of song I wana see some type of dude wit mad body who is gona strip down to almost nothin for this video, && I dont think Kanye wud do that like Homeboy u can't make love to Keri in that white tee!

LeToya Luckett- Not Anymore

Im feeling this song && the video is ehh! but she looks really pretty in it tho. && Im loving the feathered shoes.

Jazmine Sullivan- Dream Big && Lions, Tigers & Bears

She chose the greenscreen route I see & you can't go wrong with that right? Both these video are really cute && I love both songs! So Lions, Tigers & Bears isn't that new of a video but I had to post it cuz it was so creatively done and I love Jazmine Sullivan she is!

Summer Shoes!

[You have to smell this!!Its Fresh]

Summer is rolling around pretty soon && that means its time for my favorite season for fashion! Everyone knows that shoes are the one thing that can make or break an outfit, so here are some of my favorite shoe trends that will be inspiring my look for the next few months!

Felix Sandal by L.A.M.B

Timber Gladiator Sandal by Stuart Weitzman

Hudson Boot by Lauren Moffatt

Candela NYC Mia Bootie

Nike Tweed Blazers Mid Premium

Cut Out Wedges by Emilio Pucci

Black Multi Sequenced Pump by Emilio Pucci

Hunter Rain boots by Jimmy Choo

Pleated Leather Trainers by Balenciaga

Gladiator Cut Out Boots by Enigma

Snakeskin pumps by Miu Miu


OhKay So its aprroximately 7:54 am [sunny daygo time] && I have to say one of my biggest pet peeves that urk the shit outta me like none other is muthafuckas talking hella loud in quiet places i.e. the San Diego State library! Like W to the T the F are you doing!! Like this is a place of study and quietness and ppl just feel its the main place to have conversation, eat and drink, type super hard on their lap tops, muthafuckas vacuming and cleaning shit[ etc. etc.] hella fucking loud! Like go home for that shit! One of the main things I find when Im in the library, like right now, like it never fails is a person speaking in another LANGUAGE super loud on their cell phones or in groups. Like first, I understand you are speaking in another language and you know I don't know what the hell your talking about, however, would you be talking that hella loud in english? No, you wouldn't or would you wit you rude ass!! Ive heard thousands of crazy long, extensive conversations from around the globe damn near and I would have to say the most unpleasant accents come from the Middle East&&Asia && Germany! Now, I have nothing against anyone who speaks another language or from another countryI actually think its cool to be diverse, but not in my damn library! I come hear because I cant study at home because things such as TV, food, phones, beds [and as u can see blogger] distract me from progress! I dont need crazy loud ppl added to the mix!. People please bare with me on this one, I just needed to vent a lil' && now its really gotten on my nerves! Please don't mind me!

Desperate CollegeWife!!

So yea, for many of you that don't know Im a student in collegio [SDSU woot woot! =) ] && Im also a lil sorta kinda in a way wifed up to my Hunnie Bunnie! He is so awesome because he puts alot of time and effort into me and seems really serious about being with me for the long term, however, he is in Lost AnHELLes and im stuck in Sandy Yago all alone and I misses him mucho! Long distance relationships are crazy tough and Ive done it before but it didn't work out cuz he cheated so i cheated [womp womp!] Well, Im not trying to do that now of course, but Im getting crazy tempted not cuz he is a bad guy just cuz im lonely. Even though I talk to him every day its not the same as seeing his wonderful face and touching his sexy body and kissing his soft lips and getin it crackin all day [whew!!] I have needs and they need to be fulfilled pronto! The problem is I wont be able to see my Hunnie till the end of March!! && Then I really won't be able to see him till I graduate and move back home to LA in May [WAT THE EFF!] I guess I can hold out, but its crazy when ex-boos are all in my face like never before! Plus, my mind is wondering thinking of those that could have been that were here before! I don't know if Im 100% ready to be with him cuz my attention span is trying to keep my eyes on the main show, but at the same time wants to surf the channels. But he is sooo good to me I know your wondering why would you even be with him if you're unsure? Well its because I think I found someone special and don't wana lose it, plus outta everyone he stepped up for me the most. The one thing that is questioning me in my heart is someone Ive met and now Im wondering wat about me and him cuz he is a great guy as well! Shit this is harder than I thought! After being hurt so many times before, Ive been flooded with too many good guys right now and its getting difficult to choose. Before it used to be so easy dropping the losers and sending them on their way, but what do you do when your stuck in a situation where your in your favorite shoe store and you can only pick one pair!! Nevertheless, being faithful & true is something I would like to try with him or anyone for that matter, not like Ive never been faithful before but I feel even the thought of fucking wit someone else is wrong! He is surely worth it!....but so is he,& him.... Ugh pray for me!