Drake Is Such A Good Samaritan!

As you can see, I love Drake No Lie, and have been for a very long time now, Im for sure not a newbie, but if you are more power to ya, better late than never. Current Drake isn't like old Drake, each mixtape he sounds different some people like the new one better than the old ones and vice versa. Me, I like everything. Thats neither here nor there, however, I want to know why he hasn't made a video for himself, but is helping everyone else out, ies this mess and Every Girl, and being in all Trey Songz videos. I haven't seen a solo video since Replacement Girl. And for this video here Why is he just singing the hook on his own shit for another rapper. Why isn't this Drake-Still Fly featuring whoever this guy is? I don't understand, but Drizzy was looking fly in this video tho. But Ima need him to understand that he needs to start doing shit for just himself cuz Im super getting impatient lolz, I know he has thise Best I Ever Had video coming out, but when will that be?? He feeds off our anticipation I think, thats why So Far Gone took forever to come out, and also why he isn't signed yet, and also his real CD Thank Me Later keeps getting new dates ugh, Aubrey lolz. It confuses me how far ahead his career is that its still behind.