No Homo!

This hurts my heart! why wont they just LEAVE MY BELOVED B.ROCK ALONE!! Please! I can't believe they are trying to say he is gay & that Michelle is crying over supposed letter that she recieved from his 'lover' exposing a tell all book about Obama's get down on the down low! Hells to the No!! First off, Michelle is too G to believe a random letter about her own damn husband negatively! 2) Obama love is real Black Love [Black Love is the strongest love out there] 3) This is just another story to try and keep the black man down! This just aint any ol' politician this is Barack [Muthafuckin] Obama! Yall hoes need to come harder than that!

Midget Macks!

This song is sooo old but the video is sooo cute!!

Baby. Baby. Baby. Baby. Babbbbbyyyy!!!

You Are [not] the Father!!
Rihanna & Chris Brown are in some more shit now, for they maybe are expecting a lil Chrisanna or Lil CJ! Hmmm someone call child protection services i don't think this a healthy couple that needs to be raising other human beings right now. Other cases I would be happy for them like I was for Nas & Kelis, but these crazy kids need to get it together if this rumor is true!! Friends of Rihannas say she went to the OBGYN for a preggo test and when she came out she was acting super weird! Plus, homegirl fainted at an Australia concert not too long ago. I feel Rihanna and Chris Brown will be featured on the next season of Maury!