Joey Drake TV

Did you hear that!!? Drake said his CD will drop this fall!! Yay! I absolutely love this guy like seriously[all hetero =p ]. He is so handsome and so polite and such a gentleman [that kissing the fans on the hand thing may stop once he is big enough], did you see how he was nice to that poor thing he took a pik wit, the one with the horrible blond wig. Lawd, Wat The Eff was she thinkin bout? Plus, Joe Budden has to be the realest funniet guy, I love him everyone is sayin he is so lucky to have Tahiry [which he low key is] But she is lucky too to have such a mature, funny, cool guy like him. One more thing, Oliver The Parisean Gangster was lookin real fly too, now he is a hott white boy who can definitely get on baby daddy status!

Frozen Crack!!

I am Obsessed and Addicted to Yogurtland!! I go at least twice a week. It is delicioso to the max and Im so happy I found it. Its so cute inside and taste way better than Pinkberry [sorry =\] who I think is very overrated. For one, Yogurtland is self serve and has a milli toppins to choose from and has huge cups[16 0z is a small] to fill it up with. My favorite has to be the NY Cheesecake and I mix it with fresh Strawberrys, Cheesecake bites, and White Chocolate Sauce!! Woooo, talking about something tasting like Jesus this would be it. Plus, they have the best tasting water I ever had, lolz. So please find a Yougurtland nearest you and let this be your ultimate snack from now on.

Baby Daddy Status: Shannon Brown Edition

The Lake Show is looking nicer these days with this man as the eye candy. Shannon Brown is sexy as fuck! I want to be impregnated by him along with the wedding ring. Kobe is no longer the hott guy on the team! He is the reason Ill be screamin Go Lakers!

The Hott Chick: Kim Kardash Editition

I like the change. Its way better than the last chick's blond hair I posted about [see below]. People don't like when celbrities change their look because we are so used to seeing them a certain way. But, Kimmie is looking hott!! I don't theink she is trying to look like J.Lo, I forgot that girl even existed. I love her cuz she is gorgeous and seems like a real woman. Plus her family is hilarious. I wish I grew up with that many people in a house kinda because of all the support and fun times that you all can have. Plus, she is gona make the most cutest babies with that Reggie Bush. I just wish he had more personality, he seems a lil stiff and I only heard him say 5 words since he has been a star. But anywho, when you look like that I guess you don't need to speak.