This Is Dizzy!!

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E.Dot.Dizzy is back once again with another mixtape entitled `This Is Dizzy` if you guys havent already downloaded,, where have u been?? Lolz. This time around Dizzy is giving you his all with a body of work spanning 36 songs of great music with hooks and original beats all produced by him. His style for this double disk is grown & sexy,,very club banger,,very for the ladies because he loves women and you can tell all through this piece of work. I listen to this usually before I go out to the club,, its definitely a must have. So ladies & gents get into `This Is Dizzy` & really feel wat this young dude is giving ya'll make sure to keep a look out for him!!

Some of My Favs [Just To Name a Few]:
_Sex Appeal
_All My Haters
_Be Your King
_I Want You
_She Bad
_Got Her Sweet

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Cabana || Hollywood


Me & My Girls before Cabana in Hollywood
We was looking good right!!?
Our first time at Cabana,, dnt know how we feel bout it lolz
Wasnt that impressed,, considering everyone always loves this place
First we were in line crazy long then we have ever had to wait for any club
Plus it was low key racist,, the black in one line whites & mex in another..ummmm?

The place is not heel friendly the ground is cobble stone and has a million dips 
then the inside part wooded flooring is uneven & slippery when wet 
The music was cool,, except for the random performances 
[one of the friends from the show Daddy's Girls performed,, random
& all the girls including Vanessa & Angela were there walked right by them
didn't know it was them but they hair & outfits was cute]
The drinks are ridiculously expensive & super small [$15 for cranberry & vodka,,ho please]

Me & the girls found a nice spot to sit after dancing that let us see everyone 
All jokes from there on,, LA ppl are crazy,,
there were some lames,, bosses,, & hoes like any other club
but this time the dudes were not fulfilling my needs lolz
You shoulda saw some of the outfits geez
Saw too many girls bust they ass
And men was gawking at my titties like a mutha!!
We found this awesome gay guy shout out to Ray!! Eeeeeoooowww!!
For the most part I had fun,, we decided we gotta go back & give it a 2nd chance

I found a connect tho so next time we wont have to wait or pay *wink

Beyonce || Allure

Beyonce on the cover of  February Allure Magazine
She said she will be taking at least a 6th month break
No studio.No Performances.No Shoots
She just wants to play w/ her nephew & watch Broadway
I can dig it,,she needs a time out 
she is over worked...
I hope she takes time to make babies
Cuz if Jay aint gona give her none
I will lmao!!

The Balmain


This jacket is $74,000...tell me why i gotta Range Rover on my back lolz...
but its crazy dope,, am I lying??

Burning Up

Have you smelt this??
Smells like heaven
I want this 
& I think a special someone 
is gona get it for me for 
So he can lick it 
off later lolz


Happy New Age Day!!

Happy Birthday to my main hoe on the stroll,, My Kay.Jay.Nay!! I love this girl cuz she is so extreme and crazy but that makes her one of the best people I know. I love I can activate my inner skeez around her and i have the most fun w/ her lmao. She is smart, funny, loyal, spontaneous, beautiful, and a true friend. she finally turned 21 today but you would think she is 25 or older the way she lives her life,, cuz she has been through so much but stays on her grown woman. Plus she is a sex expert!! I hate when she calls me out when I say dumb shit but never brings me down. I wish her all the success,, good luck honey going through your senior,, we gotta stay smart beautiful bitches. Love ya hunnie!!

Happy Twenty.Ten!!

Here are some photos from that crazy night!! When I tell you we was loaded,, I mean we were all LOAAAAADDDEEEDDDD!!! This is definitely a night to go in the history books and Im glad I got to ring in the New Year with the girls I love the most!! Hope all of you had as much fun as I did!!

*Sigh great times,, till next year folks!!
Oh and excuse my hair it was blazin in that ho!! lmao

New Year Realization

I know everyone makes a New Years Resolution and I never did because I knew I would break it. One part because of motivation and the other part I really didn't know how to plan for it. But now I have a desire to set my goals not just for the New Year,, but the rest of my life.

My New Life Resolution,, as I rather call it is to reshape my body to be healthier and sexier [cuz i already think Im sexy ;-) ] and to get a grip on making me all around happy,, basically my goal is to be all about me!! For basically all my life I realized I never really put me first in the ways I should have,, I always find myself caring about what others think and that isnt right. I need to just be focused on whats best for me by me. From family,, to friends,, to ppl i dont even know I worry about my reputation and letting them down. But who cares,, at the end of the day whatever I do ultimately effects me and no one else so my plans for my life is what matters most down to what I do and the way I feel about me.

So,, Im going to ultimately make me a better person all around for ME,, and if anyone that enjoys that can but if not oh well. Im going to apply this in everything I do
Asking myself:

1. What do I really want to do?
2. Will this make me feel better or worse?
3. How will this affect me in the long run?

Ive made alot of dumb decisions in my life that werent near what I wanted to do,, and in the end it only hurt me,, so now starting in 2010 Im going to embrace the love I have for myself to only be out for me. This doesnt mean I dont care about anyone,, ultimately if I feel you are worthy to be in my world,, I will care and love you but at the end of the day,, I will only focus on the betterment of myself. Im not 100% happy in my situation of life right now,, I dont have a job,,   i gained a grip of weight in the past year,, im confused as of what I really want to do in my life,, im had to move back in my grandmother's house,, & i am not fulfilled in my relationship the way I want to be,,even tho it isnt bad it wasnt wat I saw for myself in reference to falling in love. In all,, I know I have the power to change all this and Im starting today!! Wish me the best,, and I wish you all the same!!