Thanking You Now!!

Okkk,, So I am one of those people out there who took advantage of the leak of Drake's Thank Me Later,, [you probably have it as well] and with that being said I was trying to hold out on hearing until I ripped open the plastic packaging,, however,, because of all the hype and wonderful reviews I couldn't help myself to obtain it. Once I found out that my best friend it downloaded,, I had to hear its greatness. And yes I AM IMPRESSED!!  I loveeeeeeee this album I play it everyday all day. There isn't one song I skip nor dislike. He definitely gave me all I needed and more and I'm glad he stayed with his style and story telling that us true Drizzy fans fell in love with. It is very reminiscent of So Far Gone and that was definitely an upgraded flavor compared to Room For Improvement and Comeback Season,, which I still love as well. Thank Me Later to me is a sequel to So Far Gone. I'm still going to buy Thank Me Later as intended but I'm so Happy I didn't wait till later,, I'm also glad Drake isn't upset about the leak.