Pay that Nigga alimony so you know its real!!

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries-Kardashian is getting a divorce and you know what.... the world turns as well. This hoe here and you know what I don't like calling Kim a hoe but the proof is in the jello pudding pops!! Im so over this girl and her groupie ass. I wanted to say that this girl was living,, breathing normal woman thats a  sucker for love but now Im just like she is a the best opportunist I have ever seen in my life and she does the shit so fucking well you almost can't be mad at her. Im starting to think she put out her own damn  sex tape to catapult her own ass into stardom because it was executed so well. See this is why she gets this up and coming you dont really know him black men on her she can drop them respectively with a profit. She couldnt pull this shit with no P. Diddy trust and believe. See all that bitch thought of was dolla signs and the dream of having a fairytale wedding and some damn scenes for her scripted show she was running out of ideas I'm sure.

Now let me play devils advocste and really disect the heartbreak. Bitches like Kim get on my nerves and im gonna explain what I mean by bitches like her. Im talking about the women that are forever in relationships,, serial monogamist who think they shittin on the next  bitch because they are never single. However,, your vagina is still occupied by numerous dick throughout the year because you cant keep one. She may be have profited off this wedding/5 min marriage but what does that say about your character and your dry ass vagina and personality??

Kim needs to get it together because she needs to figure why she old as she is,, as beautiful as she is *with makeup on*,, she cant make an honorable image out of herself and be able to keep a man. Cuz I feel she is as shallow as a bird bath and as dry as Khia's dreads.

Halloween 2011

This was me on Halloween,, crazy enough I was the same thing I was last year but last year I didn't really do much so I re-birthed the costume...Hey I gets my money's worth!! I was a sailor but my kids at work thought I was a pirate so hey...I went to the annual West Hollywood Halloween Parade for the first time and boy did I have fun. It was definitely a night to remember,, thats all I'm gona say for now lol...(.more photos to come)

                                  (full body of the costume take last year but I loveeee this pik!!)