Bow Down Ya Bish!!

Im a lil bit late, as usual , but I just had to write something about the magnificent being that is Beyonce. After further review of the song "Bow Down" I have to say my interest for it has grown. I totally get what she means by this song. It is first to me just her probably having fun in the studio, but it is also an homage to not only her career but to houston where she is from. It also exudes the reality that Bey is truly in control of her career and can sing and say what she wants. She finally has broke from the chains of giving a fuck and is expressing her feelings that she has a right to feel. She is single handley the best black solo female performer out at the moment, and if you would like to debate that, Im not only talking vocal potential or capabilty to sing, Im talking about the entire package, and that is Beyonce. No one right now in that category has single handley impacted the world in the way she has. No one is selling out World Tours in the capacity she is no as fast. She has a right to have fun and really being a lil cocky, at least for fun. I don't like to hear people say this is something Rihanna would do or she shouldn't talk like this. Beyonce can do whatever the fuck she wants for the fact that she has earned the stability to speak these bold lyrics. I don't like the song as a single but it is a dope intro for her album of even an interlude. She has revamped her alter ego by adding a new, Mrs. Carter and I'm in love with this hood ass bitch.