Sheesh its been months since I've contributed to my blog, Ive been a total neglective mother of something that used to be my baby once upon a time. To be honest, Ive been rather absent on all the social networks. The only thing I keep up with now is Instagram ( @_kamthebeautiful) because its so damn fun! I tweet every now and then and I reblog on Tumblr when I'm really bored. Facebook can keep its life cuz I'm over that too. I know I say oh I'm going to blog and then I fall short, but even If I have no more readers Im going to go back to what I originally started this blog for, to be an outlet when I'm bored, stressed and just want to write about what interests me. Im going to try to get it together, If you read this and will like to hear what I have to say, leave a hello in the comments just so I can know Im still loved a lil' bit lol, Much love to you all. Oh and this blog needs to be UPDATED so bad  every picture on this blog is #TBT waiting to happen lol.


SMH Moment: Brian McKnight

BRIAN!!! BRIAN!!... WHO THE FUCK SAID!!! What is going on Sir??? Why in the Hell are you A) Making  a mixtape... Brian Mcknight and Mixtape are not friends. The people that stan for you don't know how to download no mixtape off  the internet. B) Why are you signing about pussy??... it just isn't sitting well with me like you can't say the word pussy Brian,, not you maybe Trey Songz but not you!! Because at your age you aren't fucking pussy anymore you are getting vagina! women don't have Pussy's anymore after the age of 35 its a Vagina now! and C) Why are you soul singing about pussy... If anything that made this song even more worse than what it already is just by topic sake,, you are going to sing the song like its "Back At One." BOY BYE!! This has to be the most Hilarious thing since Mary's "Crispy Chicken" video. Brian,, here is some advice just keep making appearances on the Michael Baisden Show,, be the leader of the Midknight show band and keep it pushing cause I'm not here for you and sex and telling me IDK what to do with the pussy I been traveling around with all my life. 


Ive been a Horrible Blogger!!

What the hell is wrong with me!?? Ive just neglected this blog like Ciara neglected her career...but I miss it I really do and Im going to try and come back doing what I love. Life has gotten in the way of my writing and ironically it should have been what helps me write,, considereing I blog about my life. I'll be really surprised if anyone even reads my blog any more lol...well I hope so and for that lonely soul out there Ima give you some more treacherous delivery that Ive made known on here. See you all soon :)