ATTN. Whore!

Okay call me a "hater" if you want but I cant sit back and accept this new "do" like everyone else thinkin its the shit! The motives behind the cut is wat bothers me mostly becuz of who she is & wat little info I already kno about her. If you have any sense you wud know that she did this for fuckin publicity && nothin more, not cuz she is a trendsetter, but becuz she has no other options! WAT THE EFF Cassie!?! U really are beggin for ppl to look at u and be like oh yea I REMEMBER her! Cuz trust me ppl forgot! Im not a fan of ppl that have to do EXTRAS for ppl to notice them, like be you & who gives a fuck! Like Im not buyin that Cassie is really a rocker chick! No hunnie ur a pretty girl tryin to be different but just lookin like a damn fool! Just imagine if someone like Amerie cut her hair like this, you wud be like "get the fuck outta here" becuz u know that this cut goes wit nothin that she does. This style doesnt look trendy at all or inspiring! Wat it looks like is she got gum in her hair and had to cut it off or has to get brain surgery on the right side of her head! Cassie is a gorgeous girl unfortunately wit no talent [I feel she shud stick to modeling] so she has to do somethin crazy for ppl to be like "Damn she cool!" WOMP! No ur not cool, ur jus craving for attention becuz u kno ppl are gona say sum shit! She or the ppl around her [shame on them] were like "Hey, Kelis cut her hair different, Rihanna stole Kelis hair && made it big, Keyshia Cole cut && dyed her hair, Kanye's new wifey cut all her hair off && everyone loves them now cuz they were nobodies before, maybe you shud too!" This isnt effortless style this shit was a horribly executed plan that had good intentions but Im sorry Cassie, ppl arent gona forget that u can't sing or dance becuz u cut ur hair retarted. Maybe if it was styled better I wudnt say anything or maybe if it fit her but becuz it looks unfinished I have to say, Cassie you wasted your time!