This is a Jay & Kay collabo!

Me & My Bestie Jackalantern talk about the most random stuff on a daily! Here is our opinion on the Stanky Leg!

Kay:: I think the Stanky Leg is a gay dance for a man to do!
Kay:: Like you have to say No Homo if u attempt it
Jay:: It looks Girly as u have to stick ur ass out
Kay:: Lolz
Kay:: Yes & swing ur hands in the air and snap them in z formation
Jay:: Lol
Kay:: & pat ur weave
Jay:: Pat pat pat yo weave ladies
Jay:: U end up dancin like beyonce LOL
Kay:: I kno doin the uh oh dance when u do the booty do
Kay:: & Wtf is that shit!!
Jay:: Lol
Kay:: A Str8 man and booty do shud not be in the same sentence
Jay:: Never!
Kay:: Stanky Leg is a good name for that dance cuz when I see ppl do it it makes my leg itch
Kay:: Like the middle of my calf
Kay:: Feels dirty
Jay:: LOL
Jay:: LOL!!


Brooklyn Bred said...

Lol @ specifying the middle of your calf.

Yeah, something ain't right about that dance. I can't believe it has a song dedicated to it.