Twitter Challenged =\

Why, Huh- Row ^_^ lolz!!... Well i guess I thought I jump on the Twitter train & sign up to see wat it is all about! The problem I have wit it so far is that I just can't get into like I want to. How do you make Twitter fun? I really wana know! Maybe its not for everyone i guess, because I don't even change my Facebook status or AIM or gTalk away message as often. I don't undesrtand telling people wat your doing at every moment of the day. A friend of mine told me he Tweets when he is in class and has no one to text. Do you jus place your thoughts instead of wat your doing? That seems more like wat I would do, but even so I can't get the jist of doing it all the time. Maybe Im too lazy for Twitter, it seems like its for the dedicated! But, it also seems fun if done correctly. So i guess Im asking all of you that have Twitters or like to read them to tell me some ideas of wat makes Twitter an addiction for you! Tank you Kindly!

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[that would be really nice & helpful! The more readers I have the more dedicated I would be towards Tweetin...BTW i have started and my last update was a few days ago..see wat I mean! lolz]