All The Single Ladies!!

A woman should always be prepared to have sex. We need to get over that myth that a man should be the one to carry the condom! NOOOO! Don't leave it up to him because he may not have it and then you are assed out because you can't get in the mood because you were unprepared. I hope all of you are having protected sex, Its too much shit going around not too, && I don't know when having babies were in style. So wrap it up! Now this lil pretty case is for the ladies who are embarassed to just be randomly carrying around condoms freely in their purses for the bad impression of being seen as a permiscous hoe, Like you don't want the guy to say "Damn, she got more condoms than Lip Gloss!" So discretely you can hide you condoms in this Just In Case. Also, for good measures put Magnums only in there to let the man know 'If you can't fit this, you can't hit this!' It will narrow your search of finding good peen down to a minumum, plus, you will feel more safe knowing the guy is using a condom that came from you. Also, help him put it on so you know its on properly, it may turn him on [of course don't put it on like a doctor]. And the number one rule that is important that alot of guys miss [if you are male listen up]...After Ejaculating in you safety glove, please, please, please [I can't stress this enough] to Hold On To The Condom Then Pull Out! Don't get so excited that you forget the condom is on, that is defeating the damn purpose of putting it on in the first place that you have to fish it out the vag because you were too lazy to hold on to it. Attn. fellas Pussies are tight, meaning they grip and hold onto stuff so don't be in a crazy predicament and disrespect the girl by not being aware of the jimmie after sex. Not cool!! A lil TMI but I feel it needs to be said. But, for the most part happy love making, and be careful,
Better Safe than Sorry!!