Happy [New Age] Day!

Happy 21st Birthday to none other than J [to the muthafuckin] S!! My bro for life till it all falls down and more some!! I love you Dude! Ive been here since the beginnin when you had the fresh curls. When you used to wear Sean John, Roca Wear & Phat Farm lolz. When you rode the school bus & had a huge backpack! Ill be there till the end of time! Ill be there when you finally get ur rims. When you learn how to drive safe & not almost kill us everytime we ride oin ur car. When you cut your indian weave lmao. When your head is covered in grey hairs! Ill be there when Kay.Jay.Nay stops tryin to sexually harrass you! When you figure out wat you really wana do in life. When you keep a job you actually like. When you graduate from CSUN. When you get married have babies. When you are FULLY independent! && Ill never stop being there when you talk all your shit. When you make me laugh like no other human on earth. When your always the flyest guy wherever you are! When you never fully accept the random shit i say or do! Let these bitches kno who was the first to call you by ur initials and who fully appreciates the Goo Hur! You are one of my besties & Im happy ur my friend!