The Hott Chick [Tahiry Edition]

No Ellen Degen, but she is hot!! But most of all she seems like a cool chick! I admire women who are pretty but not stuck up and most of all stupid. Watchin Joe Budden TV [one of my fav. rappers I used to have a mad crush on him one of the only ppl I know to actually buy his first album when it came out, p.s. his new shit [Padded Room] is poppin too!!] But anyway not only does she have the biggest ass I have ever seen on a Latina, she is funny and seems really down to earth. She is trying her hardest to move away from just bein Joe Budden's wifey & Fabolous's Ex! Good luck to her, she has been over due. Her & Joe, however, are such a cute lil couple becuz it seems real and not just for the cameras, I can see them really actin this way on a any given day. Real Women are themselves and she is cool becuz she acts herself! Kudos to Joe she is way better than Gloria Valdez[i think thats her last name lolz]...


Malcolm Maximillion said...

I agree Tahiry > Gloria. But when you think about it, Budden never really had some messed up looking chick. But it seems he has a thing for latinas.