Say It Isn't So!!

NOOOOO! Not my favorite Hip Hop Hubby & Wifey. I know they aren't breaking up! I thought this was going to be forever. Didn't you?? They were so cute and their relationship seemed real and they weren't afraid to show that they loved each other. && they both were different and it worked out. I wonder wat the deal was. said it was over shady business deal, abuse [gasp ''o''], && cheating. People close to them sayin Kelis is shady and evil and Nas be talkin to her like a Pimp, But they still are madly in Love with each other. [For the record if people who are supposedly "close to you" tells your business befor you do, which happens most of the time with celebrity rumors, they do not need to have "close friend" status no more.] Wat a way to end shit when homegirl is 7months preggo sauce!! I need them to work it out. Thats wat I feel, I feel marriage is a journey of challenges and you are not going to find your perfect soulmate because the perfect person you want doesn't exist, however you shouldn't settle for just anyone, but if you make a commitment to be with someone for the rest of your life you need to weigh all the options and rock it out till the whells fall off. IDK them, so maybe they did try to work it out the best they could, but they need to realize their fairytale marriage boosted their carreers drastically. I feel they can stand alone with out one another, but I really liked seeing them together. I hope I never get a divorce it so stressful and to me a lil embarrasing. I hope and wish them nothing but the best for their relationship, whether together or apart I hope they are great parents to that lil bun in the oven.


monroestacks - said...

OMG! are you serious?! smh, ths is BS! they were soooo ideal :( ths really grinds my gears lol