SMH Moment: Old Ass Niggas Edition

Okaaaayyy some people need to know when to let it go. How old are yall? Like seriously you can't knock shit off...everyone in this video looks like they on drugs. Ummm Davonte,, where are your teeth?? All of H-town went from fine to fat and how come all yall songs deal with knocking some kinda footwear? Your grown as hell talk about some shit a 40 year old can relate to,, your sex is prolly 5 mins your too old for stamina endorsed sex. LMAO at this whole video and song combo.

Being an intern at a radio station for the "grown & sexy",, i guess,, i hear this damn song over and over and would love to stab the whole group next time I hear this "wanabe deep" ass song. I die laughing every time I hear this mess. Now I have no kids so maybe I can't relate but um you are leaving out some shit All For One,, this bitch aint that crazy what did you do to make her not want you to be around your child. But anywho, WTH is up with these broke down dance steps looking like praise dance. LMAO at Malcom Jamal Warner. Why are they singing to this unintuitive audience like they are lecturing,, Im confused. Old ass groups kill me, especially ones that try to make a comeback when they were so so artist in the first place.


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Check out my post title "Must Be My Lucky Day =)"


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lmao! Davonte where are all your teeth? LMAO! THis is hilarious. & these videos? lol, they could hv saved the money it took to make them. Smh!