I wrote This Movie A Long Time Ago... in 94!!

The theory of Tupac being alive is really starting to sink in as being a true statement because this cat not only makes album after album from the grave, but also is able to write and produces screenplays!! How can I get up on that Tupac afterlife sheesh!! Tupac wrote the film, "Live 2 Tell," while being imprisoned for his sexual rape charge in hopes of playing the lead character if it was ever to be made. The movie is about a drug kingpin who is trying to stop his crazy lifestyle and have a better life. Now if there would ever be a time for him to ressurect, this would be the time! Afeni Shakur sold the rights to film over to Insomnia Productions who are the master minds behind Hustle and Flow. The casting for the film has started and they are in the process to be realeasing a movie about Tupac's life in hopes gaining success as great as 'Notorious'. "Live 2 Tell" production should start this year.