Feliz Nueve Años!!

Bye Bye 2009 Hello 2010!! Man this year has been a conglomerate of highs and lows but for the most part im glad im alive to see another year.  I have survived two decades and that means alot I cant wait to see many more. Hopefully God will have great things in store for me w/ success,,love,, & life! 2005-2009 was very trying times for me because it tested my life as a woman and growing pains have left hurtful scars.
Looking back ive done alot of things I regret and wish I never had to go through,, but I guess it made me stronger. Every New Years im like how did i make it this far because in certain cases I should have been dead or even wanted to die. But what I realized is no matter how hard life is its never hard enough because it could be worse. What you're going through may never amount to someone elses heartache so you have to be grateful even when it feels your life is ending.
In life,, I realized my biggest downfall was men and alot of times even myself. Ive been through so much which the opposite sex its depressing and exhausting i almost feel like giving up on ever finding love and being happy w/ someone. I know it sounds obsurd to think that way because Im so young,, but if only you knew what I been through. Its so much to handle and im finding myself questioning once again another relationship. IDK what to do...
My hopes for 2010 is to be happy, focus on bettering myself, getting closer to my dreams and falling in love. I pray that I get to be everything I dream and want to be and have for myself. I no longer want to get my feelings hurt by someone going into this new year I want to start a new life when it comes to relationships. I also need a job which is highly important. But for the most part I no longer want to live w/ regrets and what ifs the way I have. Wish me success in that!
& I wish you all many blessings and i hope you guys fulfill everything you want to. Thank you for reading and please continue...Love you guys and all your feedback it really helps me.

Oh and New Years Eve photos to come,, the piks on the right side of the page were from last year new years eve,, and trust these new ones are even more ratchett!! Lmao