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E.Dot.Dizzy is definitely certified dope in my ears *wink*,, for the simple fact he delivers quality verses and songs line after line,, hook after hook. If you haven't heard him please do me a favor by downloading his new mixtape,, This Is Dizzy,,and also his previous work. I had the time to chat with Dizz and really found out more about him not only as an artist but as a man...Find out here for yourself....

KraZyLiKeWoW: Hey
ThaFamousNobody: finally caught yo ass
KraZyLiKeWoW: lolz I kno
KraZyLiKeWoW: How u been tho
ThaFamousNobody: i been okay
ThaFamousNobody: just working and stuff
ThaFamousNobody: how about you
KraZyLiKeWoW: Thats good
KraZyLiKeWoW: Ive been good hangin in there
KraZyLiKeWoW: Ok
KraZyLiKeWoW: Well first thank u for askin me to do this
KraZyLiKeWoW: Even tho it took me forever to come around
KraZyLiKeWoW: But i do love ur mixtape
ThaFamousNobody: its all good. i know folks are busy. or say they busy. your only the second person to hit me back on the interview shit. so. im making a mental note of this.
KraZyLiKeWoW: Ok cool i got love for u ima fan so its nothing
KraZyLiKeWoW: What is the difference between this is dizzy & ur other mix tapes?
ThaFamousNobody: i made all the beats for this one. thats it. same shit talking. but now the songs have structure.
KraZyLiKeWoW: Ok yea i like it  do u feel u have grown as an artist?
KraZyLiKeWoW: Ok yea i like it  do u feel u have grown as an artist?
ThaFamousNobody: them songs were made before Dizzyana.
ThaFamousNobody: but yes. I do feel as if i have grown as a artist. A LOT.
ThaFamousNobody: my lyrics are more raw. My beats are better.
ThaFamousNobody: my direction is more defined because I now have a better understanding as to who I am as a person so it reflects through my music.
KraZyLiKeWoW: and define for me who that person is,, if u were to put dizzy in the dictionary wat would it say?
ThaFamousNobody: it wouldn't say anything. its more so a personal thing. I am more in tuned with who ERIC is. If that makes sense.
ThaFamousNobody: I really dont care how i come off as a artist. i just want my messages to get across.
KraZyLiKeWoW: Yea i feel u
ThaFamousNobody: i think todays society look too deep into artists. we are human too.
KraZyLiKeWoW: I know that majority of the songs are for the club and for the ladies,, as so is ur blog which talks about relationships,, why do u cater more towards women than anything else?
ThaFamousNobody: that is a great question. you would think i was this rico suave ass dude.
ThaFamousNobody: im not.
ThaFamousNobody: Growing up i was shy. so i spent a lot of time observing women.
ThaFamousNobody: their body and mind.
ThaFamousNobody: i didnt start really having sex till college. i would have sex once or twice a year from 01 to 2006.
ThaFamousNobody: so i got use to writing to them in poem form or song form
ThaFamousNobody: too scared to speak up.
ThaFamousNobody on my blog though, i speak to women because men dont like to read.
ThaFamousNobody: women have more identity issues then men because of love and all that
ThaFamousNobody: so i try to help them out by writing what i write
KraZyLiKeWoW: Yea i appreciate it idk how i found ur blog but when i did i was like this man is writing my whole life story i learned so much from ur blog about the way men think and act and its real and alot of women appreciate that about u
ThaFamousNobody: I have come to realize it aint how most men think. its just my bluntness. I try to keep it real and honest.
KraZyLiKeWoW: Yea u are real blunt lolz women be gettin pissed off by ur shit but it is wat it is
ThaFamousNobody: yeah. but you cant get mad at life. it is what it is. accept it and learn from it.
KraZyLiKeWoW: Are most of ur posts ur experiences? & wat attracts u the most to a woman that u would want to really further ur interest in her beyond the bed
ThaFamousNobody: most of my posts are from experiences. I think a lot. and when i was in middle and high school. i was friends with all the pretty girls but they looked at me as a brother so they confided in me with all their issues and shit. i just got use to helping women with their problems. they liked my honesty. so you take that and me dealing with women.. you have my blog.
ThaFamousNobody: a females willingness to grow makes me attracted to her beyond the bed. if today she dont cook or clean for her man but is willing to try it at least once. im good.
ThaFamousNobody: we all are use to being alone. but a person acting like they still alone when we together is a no no
KraZyLiKeWoW: Yea thats a different answer i like that `willingness to grow` and what places in ur life as a man and an artist do u still have more growing to do?
ThaFamousNobody: um. as a artist. idk. i thought i was done growing lol. then i grew some more. as a man.. idk. tough question. i got a ways to go though. no man is perfect but im trying to be close to it.
KraZyLiKeWoW: Lolz thats good,,Yea i feel there is always room for improvement the more experiences and lessons u learn will make u better than u were before
KraZyLiKeWoW: Ok i know u were signed before and things didnt work out are u singed now or in the process?
KraZyLiKeWoW: And how long till the next dizzy mixtape or better yet an album
KraZyLiKeWoW: =)
ThaFamousNobody: no process. fuck a label lol. i just want to make good music for the people. i dont care to deal with all the politics.
ThaFamousNobody: i actually have 3 mixtapes done.
ThaFamousNobody: im just waiting on my peoples to say we can release em. im trying to do things on a bigger scale so im waiting for the right time
KraZyLiKeWoW: Ok good i cant wait!!
ThaFamousNobody: hell me either.
ThaFamousNobody: more videos
ThaFamousNobody: you gone like the music i drop
ThaFamousNobody: its crazy dope
KraZyLiKeWoW: U have to and i really mean this u have the best skills ive seen for a famous nobody lolz every body be pushing their music to me and ur shit is like the best among a small few i like u have good writing and good beats and a good flow which is great and i know ur gona be real big one day
ThaFamousNobody: thanks sweetie.
ThaFamousNobody: i try not to shove it down folks throat though
ThaFamousNobody: i hate when rappers these days appear to be spammers
KraZyLikeWoW: Yea ur welcome
KraZyLiKeWoW: Yes thats wat myspace turned into and now its flooding facebook and twitter lolz and ur not like that at all
ThaFamousNobody: myspace and facebook are attacked by them dumb ass applications
ThaFamousNobody: twitter has better spam control
KraZyLiKeWoW: Yea thats true thats why i dont get on them they be doin too much,,jus give me my messages and friend requests lolz
ThaFamousNobody: i dont even check them shits. fuck that. now that myspace has died i wonder how will record execs find their talent
KraZyLiKeWoW: Idk somebody gona make something new and ppl gona hop on that too
ThaFamousNobody: naw. i think that internet music site shit is dead for ever
ThaFamousNobody: everyone is tired of rap salesmen
ThaFamousNobody: i know i am
KraZyLiKeWoW: Yes me too
KraZyLiKeWoW: Well thank u so much for the interview
ThaFamousNobody: it wasnt a interview lol. just a nice conversation
KraZyLiKeWoW: is their anything u want ppl to know about u ,,that they better kno,, but may not know
ThaFamousNobody: ur welcome sweetie. it was my pleasure
ThaFamousNobody: nope. i like being mysterious.
KraZyLiKeWoW: Well i wanted it to feel like ur just talking to me lolz

 ""Dizzy Dizzy Dizzy Uggghhhhhhhhnnnnnnnn"

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