SMH Moment: Cheetah Girl Gone Wild Edition

Watch This Fuckery Please...

Okay now Wat The Eff was that shit?? Is she serious?? WWDT (what would Disney think)? I dont think this is the way a Cheetah Girl is supposed to behave, (idk wat a cheetah girl is supposed to be tho? hmmm) Anywho, this video is ridiculous, this song is an epic fail, wat the hell is she wearing? Im just appauled. These lyrics are some ghetto whorony hoe qoutes at its best:
 "I was faced down ass up/clothes off broke off"
"I don't know his name/but he can get it again if he wana"
"He musta pulled a track out/when he blew my back out" 
She musta been drunk to fuck that ugly som-bitch wtf was that predator with Michael Jackson bleach on his face? And why did I see his ass?? I dont like the message she is promoting even for a grown bitch = Drunk sex with a stranger with out a condom. First off thats dangerous and second why are u doing a walk of shame he couldn't get you a cab...thats a no no lmao. Like @amberalert123 said on twitter "all that was missing was her goin to a drug store to get some plan b pills". WTF Kiely?? From 3 Lil Women to 3 Lil Whores,, they all done lost they damn minds =sex scenes in movies, naked photos on the internet, & unprotected drunken sex. Oh and Im sorry, drunk sex is never spectacular, trust me lolz.


RoByn LaTice said...

lol. Agreed. EVERY word, agreed! This was just fuckery at its finest!

Shandra E...*the misses said...

HOTT MESS!!!!!! Po' child prostituting her "talents" & her character for THIS garbage??!! SMH....Does she honestly think this will be promoted...??? This video is set up for the 80z when Drugs and the AIDS epidemic was just getting out of control!! She would've been the main campaign to explain WHY people have AiDS??! no "lol" x-/ all jokes was raunchy & untasteful!

Carrie Underwood has a country song where she explains how she woke up In vegas, had a one night stand & now she don't even remember/know her last name (cuz she ended up marrying the stranger) And while her song is NO BETTER, it was done in a more descrete way...Cheetah Girl Keiley just went all the way to the Whore House with this one!!!

& really...those guys Keiley??? they were old & ugly...made Her seem like a prostitute FOR REAL!!!

behold_a_lady said...

I always knew she was a little on the not sane side, that video and song was sick...smh

Misswalker said...

LMFAO.....this girl has lost her mind. smh...i hope she doesn't think this will take her far. #DEAD